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Bit Of Advise Please

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by shakeys dad, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. Hi,im after a bit of advice please. I had Portimao booked for 3 days from the 18th of June. Paid a deposit, and when Portugal was announced on the green list, paid the balance, plus £60 for extra night in the hotel and£114 for Donington drop off and pick up. Last Thursday it was announced Portugal was going on the amber list (government advise not to travel) . Focused Events emailed saying it was left up to us if we went or not. Friday morning i called and said i couldn't go as quarantine was impossible due to work and family situations. They said no problem, i could have a credit for the full amount(£743) valid for 2 year's. I have an email confirming this. Last night i had an email saying only 50% of the trackday price(£569) would be credited .where do I stand with this. No mention of the cost of extra night,or Donington drop off

  2. Have you called them mate?
  3. Historically, FE admin have not been that good at joined up thinking. As Advikaz says, give them a ring, the second email could be a mistake. Andy
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  4. Surely they have to honour the 1st email ? Regards the hotel and Donington drop off, did you also book that through FE ?
  5. Yeah,i called about 10.15 this morning and was told I need to speak to Diane, who would call me as soon as she returned to her desk. Still waiting
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  6. Yes,booked through fe
  7. Hmmmmm when I hear the words Focused Events I shudder, had a couple of frankly shit experiences with that idiot and vowed never to give him or his company any more money.

    Hopefully you won't form the same opinion, good luck!
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  8. What are the T&C's on the booking, thats what they need to honour, although I suspect they are worse than the terms you have been offered, if you paid by credit card speak to them about a potential payment reversal.

    All the other TDO's for Euro and UK trackdays have been crediting 100% unless the trip runs and is within travel guidance, which this won't be as Amber list countries are not FCDO approved.

    Hopefully its just a hiccup with FE but I like many wouldn't touch them with a barge pole ...
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  9. Di is pretty good tbh. Hopefully just an admin f*ck up,rather than FK being a c*nt.
  10. Diana is good I second that. But ultimately it's up to FE policy.
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  11. Ask for a refund. They don't get to keep your money just because the Govt's changed its mind.
  12. Spoke to diana briefly today. She was quite vague and is going to look at correspondence and get back to me on Monday. To go back on what they agreed too is out of order
  13. You'll find they can.
  14. I would think they can, the refund IMO is a goodwill gesture. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be happy either, however FE didn’t change the govts status of Portugal.

    Hopefully you paid some of the price by credit card and try that avenue to reclaim some if not all of the money.
  15. You can get Visa on it, however, they'll be after evidence the operator cancelled the event. If FE still ran the event for their European customers then things get murky. Event operators are getting a bit smart(er) now with the wording of their e-mails!
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  16. It was all paid on credit card, but they're not interested
  17. The purchased item is no longer fit for purchase.
  18. I mean, FE should have cancelled event completely and credit everyone, but instead they are still going with 5-9 bikes. I'm not sure why, whether because they've already paid the Algrave circuit and can't pull back or they don't care as they have your moneys.

    Surely FE must have an insurance that covers (at least partially) this kind of events.
  19. The cost to insure this eventuality would be hugely expensive, this cost would be passed on to the end user who in turn would most likely not book?
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