V4 Blackstone Bst 10 Spoke Rapid Tek In Gold

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  1. Hopefully not the same as this one
  2. Proof that money can't buy taste
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  3. enough money can make others agree though
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  4. yeah they are just a badge ..
  5. Not sure I like them tbh. Each to their own: someone else cash is someone else taste :upyeah:
  6. Nope. Not sure why but I heard they don't. Don't think they're allowed for some reason. @bradders should know
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  7. Petrol leak, nothing to do with anything electrical. Andy
  8. They do look cool but I'd want to eat them. They remind me of toffee apples I used to get at the fairground when I was a kid... If I was good.
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  9. lol funny yes they do lol
  10. Think there were safety concerns, which is why BSB etc dont have them. Not up to date with regs, normally club to club whether they allow them rather than blanket ACU ban
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  11. Current BSB rules state wheels must be made from alloys excluding beryllium (>5%), scandium (>2%) and lithium (>1%). Andy
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  12. Are mag out too these days ?
  13. I think probably on cost alone. Andy