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Bless Those Little Snowflakes

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by outintheopen, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. 'Vegans need their own shelf in the office fridge' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-51557090

    I’d make a point of putting a pack of sausages on the shelf every day.
    I work with vegans, vegetarians and folk of varying religions. We have one fridge and no one has ever raised a concern.
    Tupperware or equivalent, works for us.
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  2. If I ever end up working with one of these twats, I'm going to bring a pack of Walls sausages in and leave one in each of their kale smoothies. :mad: Just like a pork straw.
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  3. I really don't get it, animals would eat us if we die and not give a shit, eat animal products they taste nice. :upyeah:
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  4. I bet that would be uncomfortable for them.....probably explode after digesting two or three humans.
  5. I've got no issue with people deciding they want to follow any particular diet or lifestyle, it's when they get sanctimonious and start making demands, like this, they be set apart from everyone else that gets my goat and Vegans are particularly bad at being sanctimonious.

    The answer is NO. Just be normal, like everyone else and use a tupperware box if you're that worried.

    Fecking vegans.
    #5 West Cork Paul, Feb 19, 2020
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  6. Is tupperware certified vegan - I guess you could say its organic :thinkingface:
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  7. Or just stop reading the BBC

    It's great at antagonising people. Fuck the BBC
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  8. Especially Newsbeat..its for kids.
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  9. Yeah, fuck the..... hold on :bucktooth:
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  10. Didn't John Craven present that
  11. Yeah, and fuck him too :mad:

    He was actually Newsround but still fuck em all
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  12. I'm voting for Harry and fuck him if he ain't running.
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  13. Can a vegan ethically have anything plastic? Just a thought.
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  14. Rolf Harris had a few slots too...
    #14 bradders, Feb 19, 2020
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  15. I'd give them their own freezer...Then slam and lock the door...:upyeah:
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  16. I thought there was a forum policy preventing mention of Rolf Harris in case his pedo-protecting lawyers objected to us mentioning pedos on the forum?

    Or was that Ducatisti? Or Goat forbid, DSC?

    I feel old now.
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  17. Too late. He’s been found guilty ;)

    and I was clearly referring to his stints on kids tv...
  18. But was the forum policy amended? The Law is one thing ... Rob's iron grip on each and every one of us is quite another.

    He was at it on-screen? Jeebus Goat ...
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  19. I get shit from vegans everyday being a dairy farmer. Even was threatened with having my throat slit!! The self righteous weary fuckers don’t mind claiming benefits that’s have come from the taxes paid by farmers, abattoirs, butchers, restaurants, fast food outlets, agricultural merchants, animal feed companies...........etc........etc.
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  20. B2BD4F50-AAA3-4AB9-9785-AF508218395F.jpeg
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