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Bloody Friday 13th!

Discussion in 'Monster' started by stevebetts, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. not really the date at fault - more me being an absent minded twat.
    Took the Mrs on the bike at the weekend so I obviously removed the seat cowl.
    Got back and just placed it on the bike. “I’ll bolt it up later” I thought to myself.
    Rode to work this morning, got nearly all the way and suddenly remembered I didn’t bolt it up.
    Turned round to see it was gone!
    Went back and found it. Obviously scratched to hell.
    Just priced a new one - OMG.


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  2. Doh. Did that with a top box. Didn't lock it down properly and went for a ride to work. Got through the 30mph bimble, until the first national limit straight where I opened her up.... BANG, SCRAPING, plastic everywhere.... Oops!
  3. I feel your pain!! Few of my buddies have done the same over the years.... infact my mate Dave holds the current record of losing 4 seat cowls, two number plates, one heal guard various wheel strips and a tank pad! never to be seen again:laughing:... Hope you get it sorted ok
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  4. What he said
  5. Get the misses to pay for it as it's her thought.;)
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  6. Did it with my wife once where I got all the way home and realised she was still in the shop! Ha ha
    Every cloud has a silver lining
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  7. Did you "accidentally" take her purse and phone with you?
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  8. Should have ha ha ha I wasn’t the flavour of the month
  9. How much ?
  10. Just get it repainted.
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  11. we had a sliding door fall of a vivaro van yesterday. taking a right at a busy traffic lights right out side Oban high school. the lad was picking it up from a test and got a right slagging from the kids. he was fugging raging when he got back to the workshop. :D
    the customer forgot to tell us not to touch it. he had another away getting sprayed up ready for fitting.
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  12. £248
  13. By the time it’s painted and I’ve purchased the decals (around £80 for the decals) and replaced the black pad, there’s not much in it.
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  14. I'd get it done anyway as a spare.
  15. Yeah for next time!
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  16. Ouch !

    I think i would buy the new one,sell the damaged one on flea bay,save a lot of hassle and you know its perfect again .
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