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Bob Dylan, Neil Young Ticket 12th July Hyde Park

Discussion in 'Non bike stuff for sale' started by SP4S, Jul 6, 2019.

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  1. I have a spare ticket to see Dylan and Neil Young at Hyde Park on Friday 12th July. My nephew cant make the gig so rather sell them for a profit (Sold out) i would rather offer it here.

    I paid £93 for it, happy to let it go for £75 if you buy me a beer. By the way i have seen Mr Young numerous times and he is still wicked, i love his guitar style, Dylan i have also seen not bad and im sure this will be last tour.

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  2. I saw Dylan years ago in Newcastle. Two hours of my life I will never get back.
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  3. I saw Dylan years back, his voice was shot then.
    Not much of a stage gig but he’s now a great painter!
  4. I’m only going to see Mr Young. Every gig is special with him
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  5. Nope,it's not doing it for me as yet in this format;)
  6. You just ain’t digging the vibe, daddyoh
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  7. can’t see a big brass bed in that picture anywhere :thinkingface: Hope someone picks this up soon Inda
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  8. Thanks Chris
    I really don’t want to put it on eBay. Hate that place. It’s £20 off list price and all sold out.
  9. Ticket sold. Who’s going and wants to meet for a burger and beer?
    Here’s my no
    07866 431883
  10. I preferred him on Magic Roundabout..
  11. Exactly! I saw him a few years ago at Nottingham Arena. It could have been any old bloke on the stage wearing a big wide brimmed hat croaking out shite songs. His 'support' was Mark Knopfler, who was brilliant.
  12. I’m only going for Young
  13. Sorry if you felt beat in to submission! :)
    , it’ll be a top night, good luck with the sale.
  14. He's sold it..the ticket, not the bike..
  15. Ahh everyone likes a happy ending.
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