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Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Cream_Revenge, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. They seem either stupid expensive or cheese.

    Is there any middle ground supplier?
  2. for what? just in general? bike specific?
  3. General bike bits.
  4. most of the stuff seems to be cheap imports i grant you or you pay for the proper stuff..

    but, im sure you dont want to hear it ..

    correct size spanner socket allen key, that fits correctly, and is fitted correctly and square before trying to do up or undo, in of course the correct direction....

    anything fitted that hasn't been lubed correctly and you know is going to be a bitch should have heat or penetration oil before attempting to undo it with the correct tool. yes i blame the operator rather than the tools.
  5. Cap heads don't seem a big issue, it's mainly button heads that are so shit.

    Guess it's probolt then but I'd rather buy a multipack of various sizes than individual as required.
  6. why the disagree @Brouny851 ? i know you recommended probolt but from what ive seen they are way overpriced on like for like... granted ive not really compared lately but have glanced at there site now and then, but when i got the engine bolt kit for my 748 probolt wanted something like 140.00
    and i got them from the U.S for 40.00..same size kit, in a2 stainless . all bolts were spot on and five years on look as good as when fitted..
    just had a look on their site and they want 17.00 for a clutch cover set and i got the engine kit i linked above for 24.00 and that includes clutch cover...
    not having a pop, just maybe im missing something or probolts are something special?
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  7. the button heads from screw fix are cheap and nasty...
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  8. Button heads problem is the depth of the hex head for the Allen key.
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  9. know your dia and length required and order stainless steel online via fleabay or the like, simples.
  10. Try Racebolt.
    Same high quality but always used to be usefully cheaper
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  11. They are always crap though.
  12. gwr fasteners not crap.
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  13. OK, that's 4 to try, thx.
  14. Just a quick follow up George. Westfield are in Long Crendon near Aylesbury so fairly close to you (and a great ride out). For special bolts you can just turn up with what u u want and they will dig around the stock, ring first obvs. Highly recommend.
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  15. I get mine on the local industrial estate in Crawley.
    Whenever I need stainless socket/cap head and washers/nylocs I go to the little unit that sell them and always buys a load more than I need. Never paid more than a tenner for a weighty pick n mix of nuts and bolts.
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  16. Nah, bit of hair trigger there to the "fuck pro bolt" as I've used them over the years and always been top shelf, but you have vouched for another source so :upyeah:
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  17. I do wonder if they are like snap-on though, it's top £ that most of us don't actually need. There should be some middle ground.
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