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Bought Myself A V4...

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Mr C, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. .....Tuono V4 Factory. ;)

    A little bit of an impulse purchase, saw it last Saturday left a dipper, took it for a test ride on Monday and just had to buy it.

    2017 model with all its bells and whistles, the noise is intoxicating and the way it goes could give the Pani a serious run for its money.



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  2. Amazing pair of bikes!
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  3. Nice one!
    Saw yr old bike on ebay...:cool:
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  4. Nice :) :upyeah:
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  5. It's still here.... Couldn't bring myself to part with it.
  6. Saw it pop up, then go!
  7. Sweet. I daren't test one as i know i would want to buy it.
  8. Been resisting the urge to buy one of these for ages now, I’m hanging on to see how the V4 Streetfighter turns out, but I suspect it will not be as versatile a bike as the Tuono as it’s got 10 years of development behind it and the little cheat fairing which will make touring on it more bearable, also sounds way better than the V4 Ducati.

    Not to mention that the Ducati will be 2 or 3 grand more expensive probably....bike show in November will be decision time for me
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  9. Lucky man ,awesome pair of pairs ,enjoy
  10. Do it
  11. Sadly, me and Aprilia don't see eye to eye. Once bitten, never again.
  12. did it come with stigs brother?
    the panigale is harder to ride, but after 120 the panigale has cleared off :upyeah:
  13. Very nice .
  14. check suspension settings against the manual, mine were all over from the factory. Adjusting them transformed the ride.
  15. What a lovely pair you have :upyeah:

    Enjoy !
  16. Cracking bike, bought the 2016, just couldn't get on with the riding position of the Pani any more, finding the Tuono is a great sports bike whilst still giving me a comfortable riding position, must be getting old ;).
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  17. I was considering one of these prior to getting my Street Triple RS. Still like em, and if and when I change again it'll probably be for one.

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