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Brake Fade Heat Issues Solved!

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Dave dunlop, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Seriously anyone suffering with some brake fade due to intense heat? This could be your answer... I can’t testify if they actually work but understand the concept of dissipating the heat. It could well have some positive effects on braking. Add some air scoops and bingo... Super cool brakes:innocent: Wings, ducts, radiators.... Whatever next?:eek: 8AFA14FC-641D-43AA-9655-80E189201725.png C4EA0B7E-8C74-4015-BC9C-A067DE0C525B.png 08D5B2E9-CB2C-4151-91AA-5B64BE50EE2C.png 3667B4BE-816B-4200-85EA-FF9E9615EFBD.png
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  2. Coming to a road bike near you o_O
  3. Please don’t confuse the brake Finlets with the bike Winglets now;) I’m off to design myself a Vortex stabiliser modulator...Apparently it’s coming :punch:Ooosh
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  4. Handy to put your £1 coins in for the shopping trolley:D
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  5. I'm sure I've got some old heat sink about and a few Red cable ties . job done:thinkingface:
  6. Ordered, cheers Andy.
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