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1200 Brake Pedal Extensions For Mutleys

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by HootOwl, Mar 4, 2020.

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  1. Saw that on FB, the guy had to grind a little from the edge near the engine case and it fitted spot on and worked. A much cheaper option than many others.
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  2. Will it make the back brake actually slow the bike down???
  3. Depends if A) you had a rear brake in the first place or B) you push down hard enough.

    In my case I do have a very good back brake.
  4. Yeah that puzzled me, I have loads of room between the casings and the pedal. I have ordered one anyway, but dont think it will need any doctoring ?
  5. Ordered one as well.
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  6. Good find, thanks for sharing
  7. Its shipped from China :mask:o_O
  8. Bidded £15 and accepted, should make it slightly easier to find now!!
    Think I will bleed all the brakes again while I am at it
  9. Got that exact one on my pp
    Bargain , especially as I’d already ordered one from Germany at £80 but shipping and production delays allowed me to cancel
    Works a treat :upyeah::upyeah:

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  10. Bid £13.25 got it. On way should be here next week.
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  11. No machining on yours it looks like - did it go straight on ?
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  12. Yes it did my friend , can’t remember if I used some longer Allen bolts
    But definitely no fettling
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  13. Cool - thanks, I am still puzzled why the guy on Facebook modded his? I can only guess he must have his pedal sitting really high? I look to have lots of room on mine for that extension to fit :)
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  14. Mine arrived this morning and it fits straight on. I needed to change just one screw for another 5mm longer, the extension does make a difference to access on the pedal.
    I did take the liberty of painting out the slightly cheesy Spirit Beast writing though :) I couldn't have lived with that lol
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  15. Mine came today, also painted out the spirit beast thing, will put it on over the weekend.

    Looks good as well.
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  16. Looking at those photos I put up earlier, it looks like the Spirit Beast writing was photoshopped in lol - it wasn't tho' :D :D :D

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