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Brembo Brake Pads Recall?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Ackers, May 8, 2020.

  1. Page not found ? Andy
  2. Fixed
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  3. Hmmm. I have a 2018 Street Triple RS with Brembos on OE pads. Be interesting to see how this moves on.
  4. @duke63
    See above. 765 Striple is subject to USA recall. Can’t imagine that our Triumphs won’t be affected.
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  5. Update. I checked the Triumph recall website today. Pop in your VIN and like Ducati site it lists open recalls for your bike.
    Mine is booked in for new FOC pads week Friday despite not getting a recall letter. Nice as it’s now done 1650 miles including track day. :cool:
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  6. I never had a letter either??
    Mine were replaced a couple of weeks ago, bike had done 6k miles so nice to have FOC pads in .
  7. Guy at work has had his Street Triple RS pads changed yesterday, as a recall.
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  8. Had the same recall for my tuono. Nice letter from Italy
  9. Wonder if my gixxer pads are... I know they're OE Brembo... would be handy as I've near enough worn through them already

    :bucktooth: new pads please Mr Suzuki
  10. Doubt it. Think the Tuono has M50’s like the Striple.
    God loves a tryer though. ;)
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