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British Gas Rip Off

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Wayne58, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. After over 10 years with British Gas cause I could not be bothered to move, they have gone a bit over the top with a 12.5% hike and taking away my dual fuel bonus. So I am gonna pull the pin and bugger off somewhere else for both gas and lecky, and rather than just go on a comparison site, thought I'd ask for real world opinions. So folks, where do I switch to ?? Bulb seem to be big in the news lately, anyone use them, any good ?? Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  2. From what I gather, the BG electricity price hike was a delayed one, with customers of other electricity suppliers having already been stiffed last year.

    It's a merry-go-round, each supplier stiffs he customer in turn yet the industry is somehow better due to "competition". Marvelous.
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  3. That's pretty much what I read Loz and to be honest, it is not something I'm losing sleep over, I just wondered if there was better out there, and had heard this new Bulb lot were significantly cheaper ?
  4. Give the comparison sites a go. SWMBO changes supplier every so often. We are with Scottish power presently for both gas and electricity.
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  5. Does finm know that? He'll chalk that one up to a trade deficit somehow :)

    Just kidding finm :kissing_heart:
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  6. I gave it a go the other day and it came up with suppliers I have never heard of
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  7. Were they Scottish?
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  8. Or Chinese?
  9. I think so ;)
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  10. Mmmm, sweet and sour haggis :yum
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  11. Probably :D
  12. I am with BG too I usually use their lowest offering fixed for a couple of years
    They usually send an email with the latest offerings
    I do a reading each month and pay for what I use
  13. Now you see thats proof that women are better at multi tasking than men.

    I would manage the reading part, then get side tracked and forget for another month
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  14. They do an estimated reading if you forget
    As I have been in and out of hospital at meter readings they have estimated it for me which reminds me I have to do a reading for them :upyeah:
    They send an email reminder to do the reading so you would be OK :)
  15. I'm currently with the BG standard dual fuel, and pay quarterly online once my bill is received. So there are probably a million ways much cheaper than I do ? But I'm not keen on direct debit, my old man does this and his monthly bill is constantly changing, I just like to pay as I go. Might give this Bulb lot a go, as a brief look at reviews on line seems positive.
  16. I don't think Scottish Power are Scottish, are they not owned by Iberdrola? If I'm right its Spanish Power!!

    I don't have a political dogma per se, often switch political parties depending on the election and the issues.

    The pursuance of privitization in markets which are clearly not suitable, is Tory dogma, after they ran out of ideas post Thatcher.

    Clearly broken but they will never fix it and our cash is going to the French/German/Spanish
  17. i know dude, :upyeah:
    at the last shareholders meeting i specifically asked the board of directors to increase the costs south of the boarder so as to maintain the generous subsidies we receive from our imperial masters, i am thanking you kind sir.
    we swap and chop regularly btw, Scottish hydro which i think is now SSE appear to be the most expensive.
  18. I changed to NPower last year from Scottish Power and saved a bit. My deal comes to an end at the end of August and a quick check the other day on USwitch, looks like I'll be switching to Bulb.

    If you use Topcashback, then you get £30 for switching through USwitch too :upyeah:

    Of course, if you want to join Topcashback and give me a little bit of a bonus for referring you, follow this link. :) https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/robarano

    Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 09.42.52.png
  19. Not necessarily a bad thing @Ducbird The big 6 have had it their own way for too long. :( I switched through USwitch last year and it was totally painless.
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  20. Me too - we're with Bristol energy (we live in Bristol) - it was the second in the list so we thought we support the local business type thing....used to be with scottish electric....they were taking 240 quid a month from us....but now it looks like its averaging down to about 150 to 170. However we live in a hard water area and next month we'll be replacing the hot water heat exchanger in the boiler as i know for a fact that its scaled up.....we should see a drop in the gas bill again then...
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