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British Gas Rip Off

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Wayne58, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. The entire house runs on direct debits, it is swings and roundabouts, I have more important things to worry about. SWMBO occasionally looks at it but we haven't changed anything in years.
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  2. Hopefully this is based on real meter reads? If not it could just be the return of an old ploy that used to be used to give new customers a lower DD until the reads came in and then it shot up as they hadn't paid for usage. Got glowing reviews on the switch over though for being cheaper, and most people are too lazy to complain afterwards.

    I'm not sure the British Gas thing is a rip off, isn't it the first time for 4 years they've raised prices? Most things are a lot more expensive than they were 4 years ago. Wholesale markets aren't but the BG guy on BBC news was very open that the average household energy cost had dropped £30 but other costs had risen by £100. The BBC did their usual "balanced" reporting by following the BG guy saying distribution costs had gone up in the last four years with a bit of a gap and then a statement saying distribution hadn't gone up in the last year i.e. saying an argument that appeared to discredit BG unless you were actually listening.....

    Do switch often, look at least every year. A comparison site (e.g. USwitch) is as good a source as any other source for leads. Do read your meter often (at least quarterly but if you do monthly like @Ducbird you're only helping yourself). Switching can be hassle but should only be hassle for the first switch, and that is much easier now anyway.
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  3. I was all for just staying with NPower when my deal ends in August as initially they still looked the cheapest. But I compared the daily standing charge and the KW prices for gas & electricity, some other suppliers were about 5% cheaper for both. Every little helps. :upyeah:
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  4. Yes - meter gets read every month so i know where accurate - they bill us on whats actually used and we pay a direct debit of a bit more then when we get to the winter that extra pool is then used to pay the higher winter bills and in turn if we feel theres more in there we can request it back...
  5. We went into that British Gas group buy last year "Collective Fix 2017".
    £0.0266 per kWh Gas
    £0.0905 per kWh Electric
    £0.2181p per day per fuel standing all inc VAT

    We've got a big shock (Electric joke) when we come out of it.
    Best price I can find now is
    Electric £0.11388p per kWh & 24.43p per day - £89.15 per year
    Gas £0.02694p per kWh 19.76p per day (£72.11 per year)

    She likes it hot and our insulation is shite.
    12,000kW/hours electric and 36,000kW/hours of Gas a year.
    it would be cheaper to buy her a mink coat.
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  6. So you can read non archieved when you want too, you slippery sausage
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  7. only cos yer wet at the point of entry noob..
  8. What do you know about this bulb lot then Rob ??
  9. Thats exactly how I role, not changed for years but the sheer principle of whacking on 15% when wholesale crude, and gas have dropped is taking the piss, so I'm changing with a lot of others solely to try and piss BG off.
  10. Nothing. But to be honest, it's not like I'm having them install a central heating system, simply paying my bills through them. They seem to come out at the top of most price comparison sites Wayne.
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  11. Them it is then Rob, that'll do for me I reckon :upyeah:
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  12. Can't be arsed with changing suppliers as I firmly believe that just like banks they will bend you over and split you wide open so what's the point? Refuse to sign up for direct debit or st/order asI don't trust them an inch.
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  13. That's a man man!
  14. I save a fortune on electricity (we don't have gas here) by simply spending almost every waking hour either at work or being made to do more work at my girlfriend's house, only popping home when I fancy a crafty wank - by which time it's usually dark!
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  15. I have a 4 bed detached house. I used to have a 4 bed terraced. There are2 of us here 80% of the time.

    It used to be £105 pm in terrace
    It's now £75 pm

    What the point if f*cking about for a tenner a year?!
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  16. Just checked and I can save about £300 to £325 with many unheard of suppliers with 2 to 3 out of 5 ratings - or £280 with Scottish Power with a 5 Star rating on aftersales (their call centre must be in Yorkshire I guess) - might go with the latter :)
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  17. my last three monthly bills at work have been around £30. 2xramps, compressors, 2xcomputers mostly battery powered tools, a pile of strip lights and a constantly boiling kettle. at home we are about 300 a quarter. before heating. summits not right.
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  18. I agree, and have not changed for 10 years, I'm just on principle, pissed off with BG, so gonna change, even if its the same cost !!
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