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British Gas Rip Off

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Wayne58, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. I'm sitting next to a guy that knows... so I could go over it with him. He is saying you can heat it how you like. Nothing in planning that could stop you.
  2. I am wrong.

    I spoke to my brother about something else but I mentioned this. I am wrong. In fact the builder did put in a gas heater but removed it and the property was all electric - heating and hot water. This was voluntary and the tenants pay the bills, anyway!

    Out of (more) interest this is a pic of the property in the 50s, I think. That is my late uncle's car outside - Turnham Green Terrace in Chiswick, near where I was born. He was into Lagondas and had about three when he died. Plus a Ferrari that was immaculate (he was a Fiat dealer and they gave away Ferraris as a reward!).
    My cousins are a bit reticent about how much the car collection sold for - around a million, I would guess.

    PerryL, A moment ago
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  3. Where's that pic @PerryL
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  4. Turnham Green Terrace.
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  5. OK... I was expecting an old black & white of a house with a Ferrari, three Lagondas and your uncle!
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  6. Ahh, no I don't think that I have any photos. His house and Fiat dealership were in Beaconsfield. When he closed the dealership he kept the workshop. He gave me a tour many years ago. He still had all the equipment and Fiat special tools on the wall. Upstairs, he had loads of Lagonda parts. There was a cardboard box of bits on the floor that somebody had offered him £50,000 for. But they were in America and he could not be bothered to do the shipping so they stayed on the floor. it was a different world. In the workshop, he had an immaculate 1950s Land Rover that he couldn't be bothered to sell as he thought nobody would want an old Land Rover!!! A couple of road Lagondas plus two cars that I think were early Lagondas with reg nos DB1 and DB2 that David Brown bought for himself and his wife! He also had the car that they tried to win Le Mans with. The crankshaft had a fault and used to whirl thus destroying the engine. So, there was that, plus all of the Fiat spares, was worth at least a million!

    In his own garage, there was his Ferrari, another Lagonda, plus his road car that was another Fiat. Nobody lives at the house now as his wife is in care and the two sons have moved away. I would guess that the property is worth not far short of a million - knowing that Beaconsfield prices are pretty tasty!

    This is the only pic that I have of the garage at his Beaconsfield home:
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  7. He sounds like a character, and did well for himself - NICE!
  8. That is a Lagonda "shooting brake", his Ferrari 360 (I think or 308GTB? - possibly) and a Fiat.
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  9. I think its a Berlinetta Boxer 312, but no doubt someone who knows will confirm soon!
  10. You could well be right! They are all sold now...
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  11. 312 is what came into my mind when I first saw the oic
  12. Yeah. Only an oic would own a 312.

    Steve, over to you for a face-palm.
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  13. And what would a 2IC own:D
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  14. Something angry.

    2ICs are always angry and resentful.
  15. :D
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  16. Just changed Tariff's again.... :rolleyes:
    Not my choice.

    We've an economy 7 meter, but used to pay just one low'ish rate for DAY and NIGHT Electricity.
    According to Symbio that isn't allowed/available any more. :mad:

    2020 was 10.62p per unit and 21p a day
    1st November 2020 onwards is 12.933 day time, 9.433 night time and 19p a day. :mad::mad:

    I asked them to change the meter from dual rate to a single rate and they asked for £240 meter change fee; as the meter isn't broken.:mad::mad::mad:
    They say they will UPGRADE the meter to a smart meter before the end of this year for free anyway and at that point I can select a single rate tariff.:astonished:
    There is nearly always someone at home so our usage means only 14.7% of our 26,000kW/Hrs are used at night.

    These pennies difference means I'll save £45 a year on night electricity and spend an extra £573 on day time electric :worried: :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  17. Well, I have it with Octopus. So-called cheap rate at night and f**** expensive during the day!
  18. Aircon have you ever considered Fischer Future Heat.........
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  19. We went “ we switch for you “ saved hundreds on lecci n gas and best part is they do all the changing for you.. Also it’s constantly monitored by them so it’s really win win.. X
  20. That's how Economy 7 and 10 (used to be 12) tariffs work.
    You need to look for a flat rate tariff or one with the lowest day time rate.

    For most people without storage heating AND correctly set timers having expensive overnight electric would make virtually no difference.
    Like I said we only use 14.7% of our electric at night, if we always took the same amount per hour it would be closer to 30%.

    What are the Economy 7 hours?
    The Economy 7 cheaper rate period is 7 hours between 10pm and 8.30am, but which 7 hours varies across the UK.

    Not all suppliers can offer a service in all areas, so my deal may or may not be available to you.
    We selected "Low Fair and Green 12M Fixed SE03 v2"

    Just to show how dynamic this market is the prices and plans available today are different to yesterday.
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