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British Gas Rip Off

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Wayne58, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Not much at all, you do immediately notice when the consumption is higher as it gives you a daily spend displayed constantly. The direct communication which means the bills are always correct and not estimated (overpaid) and I am not involved is worth at least the £3 a year saving from switching to me.
  2. As our house is coming up to 2 years old and the builders maintenance/warranty is due to finish we’ve today just signed up with British Gas Homecare for unlimited call outs to cover all gas, electric, white goods, drainage and plumbing issues (including annual boiler servicing) for the grand total of £230pa.

    We had this on our last house and it was invaluable. And given that just a boiler service is IRO £120 I’d definitely recommend it. :)
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  3. I’m the only one in the house and the only appliances drawing energy when I’m out or asleep will be battery chargers for 5 bikes, the land line, broadband router and fridge. I’m a tightwad and nothing is left on standby :joy: My house is a Faraday cage with steel reed bars in poured concrete walls so almost zero mobile phone signal which I think would seriously limit the usability of a smart meter. Andy
  4. The main meters are outside, located inside cupboards built into the wall so that is not an issue in my case.
  5. Oh, the joy of not leading a dirty life with gas!!!
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  6. You are asking for a slap, you are :D Andy
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  7. Oh, did I remember to say that it works with the leccy switched off? I'll shad'up!
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  8. Im sure a boiler service from BG probably is £120, I’ve never paid more than £65 but then I’ve never used BG.

    Like all insurances it’s a rip off until you use it

    I’ve been a bit dubious of smart meters as I have solar panels on my roof and certainly the V1 meters would cause problems with the feed in tariff, guess that’s why some energy suppliers won’t install them into homes with solar, believe this is changing with the V2 meters but I don’t want to go through a quarter of energy generation to find out it’s wiped out my solar generation?

    getting more difficult to find supplier who don’t insist on smart meter install nowadays though
  9. Our last service only last year (not BG but a local and qualified heating engineer who installed the system for the builders) was definitely £120.

    But I agree, all insurances are rip off until you need them.
  10. We’ve had BG cover for about 5 years, it’s been great in our experience. We’ve taken out more than we’ve put in, can be a bit hit and miss with the engineers.

    But they went above and beyond with our Esse cooker, well after we complained about the first engineer who came out to look at it.
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  11. At our last place we always the same engineer come out.........a redhead girl called Faye. She was good, in more ways than one :)
  12. Was he well-versed in the parlance? As in, "phssst, haven't seen one of those for years!", or "phhhsssssssssst, can't get the parts, y'know!"?
  13. The boiler was just a year old ;)
  14. We’ve had different engineers come out to service the appliances over the years, like I said bit hit and miss for us but the Mrs is a professional complainer and does should a poor service be given.
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  15. They rebuilt our last boiler the only original part was the shell.
  16. Oh, maybe a year or two before the cut-off point that I suffered from. Good thing is that it is a thing of the past for me. My Fischer is guaranteed for 10 years. If I only get 10 years out of it then I'm happy. I pay nothing for "servicing" (as in somebody taking off the cover and hovering up dust while practising their catch phrase's) and so if that is £100 pa then that would just pay to have anew crystal pack if that was ever required. The company don't expect it to ever go wrong - well, they said it would outlast me!
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