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British Indy: What Happens Now?

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by Loz, May 23, 2015.

  1. Full Brexit with "no EU deal" on the 29th March.

  2. Request Extension to article 50 to allow a general election and new negotiations.

  3. Request Extension to article 50 to allow cross party talks and a new deal to be put to EU.

  4. Request Extension to article 50 to allow a second referendum on 1. Remain in EU or 2. Full Brexit.

  5. Table a motion in parliament to Remain in EU WITHOUT a referendum.

  6. I don't know or I don't care anymore

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  1. Twins!!!!!!!!! :scream:
  2. Yup comes up as basically bull shite something people use when they don’t have an answer
  3. Why would the speaker of the House of Commons be speaking to any foreign power, that must be outside of his remit
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  4. Fully aware that we quoted from the same reference. The point is your quote was highly selective and ignored the big picture which was the GB forced a caveat into its surrender document to the IRA which created the Free State.

    The point still stands that it’s hypocritical to allow part of a country an opt out in the 1921 and not allow the same country to opt out in 2019

    FYI there is a majority in favour of an opinion poll.

    the ROI changed its constitution to facilitate the GFA. So the more militant Irish Nationalists from all over Ireland will be re arming themselves
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  5. whats Good for one
    Shouldn’t mr Bercow be thrown out
    I took zheds advice and googled it.. it’s definitely not in the speakers powers, remit to approach foreign governments
  6. Googled treason at same time he’s awfully close to it
  7. another ira mention, it must be a 749er post
  8. And your authority for that claim is? What convention, rule or law has he breached? Are you an expert on these matters?

    Or is it just that you don’t like him and so you’re looking for a stick to beat him with?

    Also, I’m not sure you’re correct in stating that the EU is a “foreign power” vis a vis the U.K. in terms of international law. I may be wrong but you might want to check that before making a serious allegation of that nature
  9. No he isn’t.
  10. If the speaker has gone to discuss with the eu possible future terms and therefore bypassing the government, it could be viewed as a coup and could be seen in the realms of treason.

    His behaviour since brexit began would see it more likely that would be the case than not, as there is little doubt he has devalued the role with his almost complete lack of independence
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  11. Google it was your suggestion as a font of knowledge
    Nowhere does it say the speaker has the power to negotiate with anyone

    never met him so don’t like or dislike him

    if the eu isn’t a foreign power then what is it your right I don’t know for sure but given they are empire building then it’s more than likely they are or are aspiring to be
  12. Google?

    For unfamiliar words - go for it.

    For complex legal issues - probably not such a good idea.
  13. Bercow should be put in front of a wall alongside corbyn...............and shot ;)
  14. It would seem they are all at it?

    Where would you draw the line...Boris talking to Bannon? The lines seem very blurred.
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  15. Honestly Noob, it almost certainly wouldn’t be treason.

    Just stick with being an armchair expert on JR for the moment eh, before you dip your toe in the waters of highly complex and intertwined matters of international, constitutional and criminal law?
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  17. If the speaker of the house usurps and removes parliament as the authoritive body of the people, then yes it does wander into the realms of a Coup d'état
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