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British Indy: What Happens Now?

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by Loz, May 23, 2015.

  1. Full Brexit with "no EU deal" on the 29th March.

  2. Request Extension to article 50 to allow a general election and new negotiations.

  3. Request Extension to article 50 to allow cross party talks and a new deal to be put to EU.

  4. Request Extension to article 50 to allow a second referendum on 1. Remain in EU or 2. Full Brexit.

  5. Table a motion in parliament to Remain in EU WITHOUT a referendum.

  6. I don't know or I don't care anymore

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  1. I have had a warm feeling before. Urgh! Always careful now just in case it is more than wind.
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  2. i don't remember discussing anything with you the other day about MP numbers. I do mind you attempting to butt in on a convo. twice. we both dingied yah.
    some sneering remark about gaining one seat and future demands.
    if we are gonna attempt some analysis, lets establish some facts about 2017 first. the UK lost 21 SNP MP's, (UK Election) about 500,000 votes. only 40,000 went to other partys mostly labour. 460,000 didn't bother to vote. but the SNP still held 60% of the seats. most commentators correctly identified Indi not being front and center of the campaign.
    in Scotland, tory voter numbers went back to the same levels as maggy's worst in scotland. and May lost her majority.
    putting their trust in the big boy Gov.
    the torys, (in all their various guises and name changes over the decades) also used to run on a home rule ticket up here. we got bored waiting. they haven't won an election in Scotland since 1955.
    then labour took over due to campaigning on a strong Scottish ticket. promises of home rule and devolved Gov kept them going until they rigged the 1979 devolution reff by insisting on a last minuet super majority. the reff was won but lost on a technacality. part of that technicality was counting dead people and non voters as No's.
    labour lost the support of the SNP, I think they had 11mp's at the time, and labour lost the vote of no confidence.
    18years of torys. but next to none up here.
    labour get back in, reason in part to the promises of devo and home rule, yip, that old chestnut. the vote is won. the torys continue their down hill slide. who would of thaught it possible they could get any lower.
    labour jump in to bed with the torys during 2011-14, reinforcing one of the central planks of previous SNP campaigning.
    labour, gone.
    there is no desire to leave it to the big boys. devo max would win tomorrow on 80% Yes.
    I am no longer confident of big gains, I think we all got a bit Gallus and carried away early polling. forgetting about tactical voting and dirty tricks. I am thinking around 40 seats now. at best. its gonna rely on getting people out. if they get the 460,000 out that have given up on politics in genneral, low turn outs are the norm, they will get the big win.
    if I where you, I would consider being a lil less Gallus. the polls are narrowing.
  3. Was Maggie not popular in Scotland?
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  4. no Diane did.........
  5. oh you mean "Hard graft" ?
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  6. she was with some. tho I am sure that wasn't a serious question.
    some communities , particularly on the west coast from the Clyde estuary down have never recovered. the FM;s constituency is fucked, when you ride down the coast the further you get the worse it is. you look around and wonder how they ever will recover.
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  7. FTFY, peanut! Modern Lefties are all about hard grifting.
  8. They don't look like Labour supporters?
    More like our lot :)

  9. Its not grifting its free stuff ask Noobie.
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  10. Woke this morning to a headline that was surprising, it is being claimed that the fabled nhs document is in fact a document created and supplied by the Russians.

    Normally I would see it as tit for tat nonsense but a labour shadow minister just spent 5 minutes on sky refusing to discuss the origin or the implication.

    What is more unusual is the papers that are also discussing this


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  11. Yep, that photo reeks of oppression, defo your lot.
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  12. "Free"?
  13. Tony blairs theme tune was things can only get better

    Corbyns theme tune?

  14. I won't bother opening the links, similar, influence, could have been hacked. So no proof of being created then ?
  15. Alright now ?
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  16. i see this post generated a few responses.
    i said better for the UK. i made no mention of its constituant parts.
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  17. I'd rather be dead in one of these.....
  18. Within 6 months.....
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