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British Indy: What Happens Now?

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by Loz, May 23, 2015.

  1. Full Brexit with "no EU deal" on the 29th March.

  2. Request Extension to article 50 to allow a general election and new negotiations.

  3. Request Extension to article 50 to allow cross party talks and a new deal to be put to EU.

  4. Request Extension to article 50 to allow a second referendum on 1. Remain in EU or 2. Full Brexit.

  5. Table a motion in parliament to Remain in EU WITHOUT a referendum.

  6. I don't know or I don't care anymore

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  1. WTF.... a remoaner picking up on a TOTALLY UNRELATED bit of bad news and try and blame BREXIT!
    WORLD downturn in car production.
    Switch to Electric..... need we go on?
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  2. See....you’re way off with many of us Remainers. There will be a certain small hardcore element who will genuinely grieve, but most of us have moved on now and we are just sitting back with the popcorn to view the ensuing chaos as we watch that gang of sociopaths and utter incompetents you lot voted in desperately trying to make it work (I hope they do, but I doubt it). In any case, the U.K. will be back in the EU within a decade or two once the country comes to its senses and realises that letting the lunatics run the asylum wasn’t the wisest decision.

    I’m already making money from Brexit as uncertainty is often good for commercial lawyers and a lot of my advice now also needs to take account of how Brexit will affect things (which means extra work and extra work means extra fees). In any case I earn enough to absorb a réduction in my fee income if that happens, though it is unlikely. I wonder how many of the kind of people who will be celebrating bRitTan in that god awful pub (see @El Toro’s earlier post) this coming Friday can say the same?

    So, no liberal tears from me, and any which do fall, I will wipe away with €500 notes :upyeah: (before your ultra-literalism causes you to overreact, that’s a joke btw) :blush:
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  3. "Moved on, Sitting back with the popcorn, The country will come to it's senses." You seem that relaxed and have moved on that you felt inclined to type that through gnashing teeth.

    I know you are a slimy bannister and used to lying for a living, but pull the other one.
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  4. yes, only today. I didn’t know that before. I always thought it was just the EU flag and not the Council of Europe flag.

    soz for my Ignorance
  5. No prob Rob. The day I start taking on board (lazy and ill-informed) criticism of my profession from a guy who watches robots make Micras for a living is still some way off :upyeah:
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  6. that’s a bit over the top, no?

    You should be happy. You have the future you wanted. You have the government you wanted. You are getting the policies you wanted. Where is the problem?

    why the antagonistic tone?

    is it because that having voted for Brexit your life isn’t actually going to get better and people who made more money than you before Brexit will still be making more than you after Brexit? Or that there will still be immigration? That’s what it looks like. Not a good look really.
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  7. Not really but it's not stopped you yet. :)

    Ps. that 3 years downturn seems to have coincided with the Brexit timetable #justsaying
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  8. :thinkingface:.....:sob:
  9. :) You know nothing of what I do for a living or my level of education.

    But seeing as you think you know my function within the organisation and are denigrating it as a robot watcher. You seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to prove your point of view as superior to mine.

    Strange that someone so superior to myself would bother.
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  10. Heard on the radio that they (didn’t hear who) recommend that if travelling your passport is valid for at least 6 months, hasn’t that always been the case, or just certain countries.

    They seemed pretty determined to create a scare over it.
  11. Come on Rob.........you threw the first bit of shit with what you called him. If you want to give it then surely they have a right of reply in the same tone?

    Perhaps we should we all just calm down and stop acting like children? Or do I have to start getting heavy handed?
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  12. See. Now we are as ill-informed as each other! :yum

    EDIT: And, what El Toro said.
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  13. It would be nice if those on the Brexit side would stop rubbing the losers noses in it.

    pulling together isn’t going to happen with that kind of petty point scoring.

    brexit is finished
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  14. :) One more sleep. :sleeping:

    Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 18.55.10.png
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  15. why is it a scare story? That’s the same if you want to go to the USA or any other non EU country. You don’t need a passport to move around then EU. We only use it because we don’t have a National ID card.
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  16. Then can I consign this ridiculous argument to the Wasteland?
  17. Please
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  18. You just 'Noobied' him good and proper :eek:
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  19. Given the rubbing noses in it for three years and the deck chair attendents dishing out deck chairs for extreme remainers who want the U.K. to fail to sit and watch something that won't happen, I think as the day gets closer, we are entitled just a lil bit of smugness in making sure a democratic vote was acted upon....eventually :kissing_heart:
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