1299 Bst Wheels

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  1. Hi has anyone fitted bst wheels on the 1299s im thinking of upgradeing to them as i had them on my gsxr1000l4 and it made a great deal of difference
    Cheers in advance
  2. Im thinking the same on my 959 so would be good to know!
  3. I looked at BST and Dymag. They are around the same price £2,100. I've had BST's before and they were great. I actually went for Dymag this time as I'm a tart and I think they look better - the BST's are a bit square on the single sided rear.
    They make an amazing difference - the minute you ride the bike with the new wheels it feels lighter and more agile, even on the street.
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  4. Going to order a set of dymags tomorrow just been looking at them
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  5. I keep toying with the idea of carbon dymag for my track bike. But think I'd probably stick with forged aluminium.
  6. The wheels on my 1299s are light enough that i personally see no real benefit other than bling. So no i wouldnt consider them. Id prefer to spend the money elsewhere, however im damned if i can find anything that needs upgrading. My wheels never even needed balance weights when i fitted new tyres they were that good. Ill stick with the oem forged. :)
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  7. The OEM forged on the "S" are fair bit lighter than the standard so the benefit over your forged wheels is less. I bought the standard model, saved a bundle of £'s and bought the carbons with half the saving, so i've got wets on the standard wheels and run carbons the rest of the time.
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  8. A lot of truth here tbh. I've fitted BST wheels and swingarm to my 1098R. Although it all looks ace I've not noticed much difference on track.

    It all boils down to weight differential. My OE wheels were pretty dam light to start with. If you've got a gixxer 1000 then yeah, you'll notice a difference due the weight differential. The more weight, the more gyroscopic force making the bike more resistant to directional change.

    Obviously if I was a super quick racer type then I'd probably benefit but as a middle of the pack fast group type I don't feel a huge difference.
  9. Worth a swap if you have the base not so much with the s,that said as long as you keep your standard rims the carbon ones will fetch a good price second hand, I echo what bootsam said its hard to spend money on the 1299 as its dam good out of the crate.
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