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Buying A Crashed St2 With No History...

Discussion in 'Sport Touring' started by Speed addicted, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. Sounds good - can't believe you would have been tempted to break the law on the S Deeside road sir!
  2. Obviously I would never breach legal limits. Maybe graze them a bit though!

    DGR launch video
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  3. Grazing is a gentlemanly pastime ;)
  4. I’ve been using the bike in between showers (torrential ones!) and noticed the rear tyre was deflating overnight.
    It was either punctured or the crap pink valves so I replaced the lot.
    New Pilot Powers have transformed the feel and handling compared to the worn bridge stones. It’s a drastically happier bike now.


    The brake fluid res cap was annoying me so I’ve buffed it up using polishing mops to strip the paint and corrosion. I may get a nicer one later on.
    18273A19-8BEA-43DB-85B3-8A738772D3DA.jpeg B13CED60-1EAB-4A6A-8E76-EBD4D03C5258.jpeg
    The centrestand was something I didn’t intend to fit but it’s too handy so it got painted too.
    I’ve bought a new helmet for the DGR, never had an open face before.
    I was out last night wearing it with goggles and a buff.
    Going through a big cloud of midgies at 90 (private road, obviously) was particularly unpleasant!
    3EA720C4-DB78-46EE-B366-01BDDC769FEC.jpeg 9529EAA4-D490-4E14-B2CB-0AC7112B169F.jpeg

    I’ve had an issue a couple of times where I get a backfire when starting the bike.
    I think I may be giving it too much choke and flooding it.
    I scared the hell out of a cafe full of people last night though, so I should probably work out what’s going on!

    It also looks like the rear shock is in its way out. Some oil weeping out of it.
    I’ve seen Hagon do a unit for £300, any other options I should be looking at?
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  5. Midges are a pain at anywhere between 0 and 150 mph (private roads of course) on a pushbike (ignore 150 mph) with a buff or as you did - avoid dawn and dusk riding??
    My ST4 has never backfired on starting so possibly you have an air leak or fueling issue? I can crank the fast idle lever right over on start up and apart from racing too fast it doesn't pop or bang (I'm assuming the ST2 engine is basically the same set-up as the ST4 in terms of fuel/inlet system and fast idle control)
  6. Hmmm...
    I’ll see about pulling the injectors and make sure they’re sealing as they should. A leaky injector would explain it.
    I don’t think it’s an air leak as it’s firing up after a few cranks.
    The bike runs perfectly otherwise though!
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