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Cadwell Bsb # Spoiler#

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by Wassy, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. We have come down for the weekend but resisted the chaos that is the Cadwell campsite and are staying at the costa del Mablethorpe.
    Rain forecast tomorrow but the rest of the weekend looks dry ( ish ).
    Be interesting to see how Redding gets on here. Brooks looking fast at today’s test.
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  2. He did ok at oulton ;)
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  3. Appears he’s doing ok ;)
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  4. What's happened to Hillier?
    Also didn't realise Gino Rea was in BSB this year, late arrival?
  5. See my Danny Kent thread.

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  6. Saw a vid on FB, looked terrible. Was he punted off line?! No idea how he could crash there like that otherwise!
  7. Not sure what happened the video just shows the end result and I didn’t want to ask him as I don’t know him and he looked a bit fed up !
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  8. There was a rider on his inside, just can't tell from vid if he was in front of them
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  9. Bumped into Spence who’s a smashing chap and going really well in the mixed conditions

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  10. Saw again and stopped the vid, looks like all his own efforts! lol
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