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1200 DVT Can Anyone Id This Connector Please ?

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by HootOwl, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. I have what seems to be a spare connector hanging down on the LH side of the headstockon my 1200 DVT - does anyone recognise what it may be for ?

  2. That looks very much like the connector for the keyless fuel cap
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  3. Cool - thankyou :)
  4. I think that’s where you plug the power band in.
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  5. As above, it's for the keyless fuel cap if you get one.
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  6. What is the best colour of powerband to use? And should you get it stretched professionally or DIY if confident?
  7. Also looks the same as the power supply near the headstock as found on later Monsters. I have a USB socket plugged into it on the girls 821, live when ignition is switched on.
  8. I kinda hoped it was the spotlight one to be honest. I have considered adding spots, but its no biggie. At least I know what it is now - thanks all :)
  9. Red ones always worked best on my LCs. A bit of home DIY with a bastard file always made sure you were heading towards a bus a the first sign of rain.

    Good times!

    And yeah, keyless fuel cap.
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  10. I've added some spotlights on my Enduro - I bought a wiring loom of amazon which takes power off the battery. I figured it was basically cheaper to do that, rather than make my own. Came with a relay, switch, and wiring. Took a couple of hours to fit and route everything neatly, but it's been in use for several hundred miles since and hasn't caught fire yet! Total cost was about £10 for cheap spotlights, and about £15 for the loom. I'll buy some better spotlights sometime in the future, as I started with cheap ones as it was just a feasibility exercise.
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