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916 Can You Help With This Vin Code Please?

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by John gorman, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. hi everyone wondering if anyone can help me with a vin decoding of a 916 ..ZDM916S000568 ANY HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED. john
  2. @nelly
  3. There's very little I can see on that one, other than it's a '94 bike. That's an early frame number, so you might be on to something if that's the reason for your question. If you mail Ducati from the .com web page, they can usually furnish you with more detail than my system can see.
  4. Hi mate, yeah its a 1995 sp2 paid 25k for it but i reckon its a wise investment, what do you think ?
  5. Yeah, that's what it looks like. You sure it's '95? Build date was '94..... could be a SP which would be tasty. I'd get in touch with the factory
  6. Factory called me and asked if i owned the bike, i told them yes just waiting on delivery, they wont tell me anything Over the phone they said take it to a ducati dealer
  7. Its an M plate
  8. The bike was originally for sale on website anthonygodin . Co. Uk its still on there if you want a quick peek
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  9. Yep. Data protection and all that shit..... Once you have the paperwork in order, then try them again.
    Looks very tidy that one :)
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  10. M is '94 ;)
  11. Both that site and the motorcycle broker are adamant its 1995, only thing not original is the black screen, its coming with a clear screen , 25k not cheap but i think its a good move
  12. With it being a P8 ECU you wont find a rev counter they are like rocking horse poo and if you find one the owner will know what they have so you will pay through the nose
    In a previous post Nelly said he had some proper dials you will be better getting those and changing them
  13. Keenly priced.
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  14. I think we;ve found the source of people asking 12k for a 916 bip ;)
  15. Lol im pushing the price up thats gotta be good news :)
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  16. I don't need any :eyes:
  17. M reg was Aug 94 to Jul 95, the question is whether it is a late MY94 or early MY95, my guess is early MY95 based on the frame number with a build date around Feb or Mar 95, easy to check, look for the frame stamping behind the rear top engine cross member or the date markings on the underside of the panels. There may be a few (very few) clues, things like the length of the CF chain guard (MY95s slightly longer), type of fixings for the two parts of the main fairings (screws for MY95 rivets for MY94) and the original brake lines were stainless for MY95. Although they did fit whatever was available and some did not get CF airboxes because of lack of availability, also owners may have changed fairings or fairing fixings for whatever reason. Falloon lists 310 built in Varese in 94 and 401 built in the main factory in 95.
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