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Featured 1260 Carbon Dip

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by tyke65, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Having been inspired by @BigAlan carbon dipped hugger and chain guard I had mine done this week, just need to get them back on the bike now but overall I’m pleased with the look.

    3778611D-6671-491A-8AF4-AA10F53B2187.jpeg AC4600D4-AA1E-4FFF-B6A0-7D2AF3893357.jpeg
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  2. That looks great. Where did you get them done?
  3. Looks a superb job, where? Expensifold?
    Would like to get my hugger and engine bash plates done!
  4. had them done here......

    Local to me, Jason is a top man and has done a lot of fine work.
    I had my lower bash plates (belly pan) powered coated rather than dipped
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  5. Looks superb mte good work all round.. x
  6. Thanks @NOODS X

    'working from home' today, so i'll have time to get it all fitted back on the bike ;)
  7. Close to me too so I may need to pay them a visit :)
  8. New Lodge just outside Barnsley, in contrast a mate of mine had some bits done on his GS at a place in Wakefield and they aint a patch on quality compared to these :)
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  9. @tyke65 dipping terminology aside I presume they’ve been wrapped?
  10. Damn, too far away from me.
  11. I saw them do dipping on wheeler dealer once where they cleaned the part, then primered it, then black paint coated, then dipped for the carbon sheet in a tank and then sealed it in with a couple of clear coates of laquer.

    That would be different from just wrapping
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  12. Yes its a water based process and done as exactly as quoted above :upyeah:
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  13. There is a place just up the road from me in Witney who does it, A1 Hydro who are excellent, quite a few from here have sent them the bits and are happy.

    There are thousands of options which you can have not just carbon lookalike.
  14. Looks great, can you give an idea of costs?
  15. I can yes....£180 for those 4 bits of mine :upyeah:
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  16. [ATTACH 50B39D31-9180-49E2-80C6-FF13393A88CB.jpeg 3DAF3744-13FA-4245-9FBB-A4D89086A98E.jpeg DCEDBA9C-7B07-4E8B-960E-8B569CC219F4.jpeg =full]191035[/ATTACH]
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  17. Just up the road from me too. I will have to go see 'em :) Is there a few of us from the Baaaansleey'ish area on here then ?
  18. Not sure about any other’s from ‘tarn’ and I’m a Penistoneshire person now ;)
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  19. I'm just amazed how they manage to get the 'weave' in something that's been dipped into a tank of fluid. It looks v good though, well impressed:upyeah:
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  20. It looks great and in a happy coincidence, at the top of your pics it says "Attach New"!

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