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Carby SS - parts needed...

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by 470four, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Just clean all the connections.....properly, and tighten them up..........properly........

    Mine still has all the OEM cables and a fairly clapped battery (according to the battery monitor) but it will nearly always fire up on the first push of the button.......

    ......when I did have a slight issue a few months ago, it only needed a battery connection cleaned.
  2. OK thanks will give it a go. Replaced brushes in starter motor about a year ago, then screwed up a timing belt change so been off the road a year. Just replaced head, new battery and mot Saturday if I can get her to start but when I push starter button the motor seems to hang? Any ideas? Cheers.
  3. I changed my starter/battery/earth leads with battery leads from Halfords, they had them in various lengths and both Black and Red, much thicker than the originals. Also had to get a new starter motor from Electrex, Such a difference in starting.
  4. I think I may have had the last free replacement frame Ducati gave away for my 750 SS.
    IMHO, it's not wheelies that crack the frame or even braking but humble flexing caused by over-stiff forks.
    I reduced the viscosity of the oil in mine, so the forks absorbed at least some of the road imperfections before passing it all onto the headstock.
    I now have a 999 and the forks, as standard, have about the same stiffness as my SS ones did after changing the viscosity.
  5. +1 on the alternator nut.
    Mine came loose and caused one cylinder to drop out as the pick-up got damaged by the wobbling flywheel. Shortly before this happened, a knock was apparent, so if you get a knock, check the alternator nut!
    Luckily, no real damage was done and I was able to get new pick-ups from Electrex.

    The 750 has a wet clutch and I reckon the mayonnaise resulting from condensation in the case is what caused my clutch to slip, so I used to always remove the oil filler cap after a ride to allow any water in the oil to evaporate. To avoid riding off without an oil filler cap, I used to lift the key cover on the petrol filler cap and put the oil filler cap there, where I would see it.

    If you read the workshop manual, it hints fairly heavily that the standard carb settings are there to enable the bike to pass emissions regs and that it will perform and run much better if run less lean, so a jet kit is definitely recommended. I would also recommend removing the lid of your airbox and using aftermarket cans to enable the jet kit to really make a difference. The added benefit is that the bike will sound wonderful.
    I have a 999 now and I really miss the deep bellow of my SS - the 999 just doesn't have that, even with Termignonis...

    I also added a coil kit and Magnecor plug leads from California Cycleworks to mine, which gives a fatter spark.
    This, combined with the jet kit makes the motor much more snatch free at low speeds and completely eliminated any tendency to foul the plugs.
  6. [QUOTE="Arquebus, .

    Also, over time, the OEM front mudguard can sag which causes the rear of it to drag / catch on the tire (obvious from the scuffs and wear on the inside when it is taken off).....I developed a cure for this which works fine if you are careful. If instructions and pics are needed, let me know.


    Wouldn't mind hearing the cure AL, mines exactly like that and the rear of it was like thin paper !!
  7. Enlarge the 4 mount holes and raise it a mm or two. Its what I did to fit the 120/70 front
  8. Wouldn't mind hearing the cure AL, mines exactly like that and the rear of it was like thin paper !![/QUOTE]

    Sent by email..........but you can always do this...............

  9. I had the same problem, just took them off and used my electric screw driver and ratcheted them up to be much stiffer, went out for a ride yesterday and they did not move a bit; very refreshing to not have to keep lifting them up to keep a check on the rest of the group.
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  10. I'm just about to start a renovation of my very tatty 1995 900ss. Now having read this thread I'm thoroughly depressed :cry::cry::cry:
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  11. Its ok, you will love it, consider this a support network
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  12. You'll love it, it's more preventative maintenance. :)

    @Old rider, which termi's do you have on the 999? it's the nature of underseat systems unfortunately - which is why 888's boom so wonderfully.
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  13. Sorry if my post was misleading, I don't have Termis myself - what I do have is a gutted, decatted oem straight through system with perforated internal straight through pipes and termi-size tail-pipes. Motojohn who lives just down the road has Termis or a Termi on his 999S and it sounds very much the same.

    The exhaust sounds great, it's the lack of intake bass that's a shame... :(
  14. Did you notice a difference with thinner oil?
  15. Mine had a budget of 2 grand for the project after buying. Up to 5 now.
  16. Yes, so much nicer - far too harsh as they were.
  17. What did you go down to?
  18. Its a while ago now but I think I mixed 2 1/2 and 5 50/50 to get around 3 1/2
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  19. Yes but I notice you're called rich :wink:
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  20. I have a ducati 900ss 1999... I dont see how the front brake switch modification with the banjo bolt can work?? Are there any pattern ones available as paying £30 is a joke!
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