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Carolyn Flack Found Dead, Blimey

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by noobie, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. I watched that recent program on Gail Porter. Another very troubled lady, whom in the early days of “easy” publicity went from hero to zero very quickly, and the toll it took on her life ( amongst other reasons ).
    The press and media love to push for a result, and when they get one want to know who is to blame.
  2. social media rocks. it has a block function and its accepted that its mostly nobs.. who troll with no real legitimacy given to their words.
    its traditional media we have put our faith in. we cant block them out. and its them that cause the real distress. and is often the source of any social media shit storm.
    tho it wouldn't of helped, I doubt her death came about because of words on a screen. you have to be in a pretty bad place anyway.
    i'v had a young lad end his life at the bottom of my garden before social media about 20years ago. my neighbour several years back. an incredibly friendly guy with a young family and successful sea tours business, that always made time to come over for a chat. and just 14 months ago a young lad from the village hung himself after he got some more bad news. and just a day after I didn't make time for him.
    Careful folks. you don't know what's going on behind that smile.
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  3. Unfortunately money will be there motivation !
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  4. If I can add a little about social media. A person very close to me has a lot of exposure through their business with so called A list sports names. Has a few hundred thousand Instagram followers etc, all hogwash to me...BUT let me tell you how sick, hurtful and depraved a small proportion of messages are. Comes out of nowhere except pure jealousy. But boy does it exist, and everyone with a lot of social media footprint will probably get the same. It can be very very hard to ignore this, and sometimes there is a threat to the family too. What I’m trying to say is that for me at 58 years old I don’t participate in this world, but for many today it is a given, and it is very dangerous, and as a society I think we are truly finding out the negative effects this places on many peoples lives. Believe me all these youngsters who want celebrity and a million hits etc don’t have a clue what in store them further down the line. People place far too much importance on social media and have forgotten how to find happiness that starts from within.

    So unfortunately a celebrity took their life possibly with these pressures tipping them over the edge, but let’s not forget that I am told every 90 minutes someone does the same.

    Sorry for the ramble but I ask myself where is this all going to end??
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  5. I guess the one positive regarding social media is that you can just delete your account ...
    Where as the pack of Hyenas from the press will continue to rip their pound of flesh from you until the very last piece has gone, even then they will hang around just looking for another opportunity, another chance to sink their teeth into the scraps that remain before they encircle their next piece of prey x
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  6. Easy to focus on the ‘it gives morons a voice’ and is a ‘platform for bullying’ which both are true in some senses, it’s also an amazing platform to promote charity and community good will and helps to connect people. For example I know people in their 70’s and 80’s who are on Facebook just as a way to keep up with the goings on of their family when they are apart.

    I think sensible regulation is probably the way forward, eg AI that can detect when something has gone from sensible difference of opinion and critique to abuse. Here’s something which came up on Facebook, may well be fake but the message stands...

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  7. traditional media has and will continue to demonise social media. its not in their interests to have a platform out with their control. that's not denying there is a downside to it to btw.
  8. All those years ago now but I remember it like yesterday. My Niece had phoned me at work saying her so called Father who had sexually abused her as an infant was, doing it again within a new family.. She pleaded with me to make him stop, to put him somewhere where he couldn’t do this to others.. Yes, I know where I would have liked to have put him but I had to take the legal route.. For what he did to his own Daughter he got 2 years inside, this was 10 years later..
    I worked almost daily with Suffolk CID for 6 months before our day in Court where he got 8 years..
    although we were a tight luvin family who had never had a days trouble in our lives this so called person had got in to our family and destroyed it.. I believe it cost the life of my best friend my Dad who two days after the news broke the first time collapsed and died a week later in ICU, he was devastated
    That the family he loved and adored was in bits thanks to his so called Son in law.

    During my process with the police a I was trying to go about my work. I began receiving Noodles is a Rent Boy, Noodles is a phido graffiti here there and everywhere, hangman letters sent to my Wife with my name filled in and asking me to do them all a favour etc..
    it then appeared on Facebook and Twitter etc which I had at the time ( all deleted now)

    At the time, because I was so busy getting the Court case together I managed to just ignore it, but after the court case it really took me down..

    The worst thing was not knowing who was doing this and how many people were involved..

    It was completely out of control and there was little if anything I could do to stop it..

    My lowest point, bearing in mind I worked with 3500 others, was when work, so called friends, started blanking me like I didn’t exist..

    I realise now, that those people are not real friends at all..

    Ultimately it took me to the railway track, but thankfully my friends on here literally rallied to save me which I shall always be eternally grateful for..

    In essence, I’ve experienced both sides of SM, the good and the bad and survived, just.. x
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  9. Noods, I have every sympathy for your own personal experience; but in my opinion the Caroline Flack issue is entirely different.

    She appears to have brought the problems on herself and had difficulty with the reactions; whether media exposure or whatever......

    ....but fuck me, to kill herself just because she had an imminent court case against her, well..........:rolleyes:
  10. I doubt that's why she killed herself. tho it was possibly the straw that broke the back.
  11. In today's current terminology............Wot-evva.....
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  12. I agree that what’s she’s alleged to have done to her boyfriend was an act of violence ( lamped over the head literally) but we don’t know the circumstances do we.. why after an attack like that DF the boyfriend not want charges Brought? It’s possible he raped her ( alleged again) and she fought back.. possible PTSD ? Where she lashed out unaware of what she was doing... I’ve lashed out in my sleep because if PTSD several times ( totally un intentionally mind ) just ask Mrs N.. x
  13. Never heard of her until she assaulted her boyfriend.
    Very sad.
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  14. If only it was that simple Al
  15. Most domestic violent assaults by the violent person on their partner never make it to court because often, the person assaulted still loves the violent person so withdraws any complaint. It's a sad thing that they would advise their friends to not tolerate an abusive partner but in their own life, they will stay with that violent partner sometimes till it's too late.

    I must admit in all the gossip the rags have put out, I've never seen any mention of such a thing or the violence was from him. There was a text by her previous b/f who left a cryptic tweet I believe about now people know, or words to that effect.
  16. Well, sorry if you don't like my views........

    .........but I reckon there are plenty of people out there that have suffered significantly more continuous problems throughout their lives without resorting to suicide, or even contemplating it.

    Maybe it's an age thing, but some people just seem to get on with it.....

    No disrespect to Noods, who is 'getting on with it' even if it still hurts badly.
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  17. She was literally hounded to death . Today's media outlets have in my opinion a lot to reflect on.
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  18. She was fired, as it was reported.

    maybe I’m just a bloke. More old fashioned than I thought. But if my parter, who’s half my size, gives me a whack in a rage (not stab me or shoot me or try to poison me) I don’t go to the police and have her done. I either suck it up as a one-off (or rare, mega pissed or whatever event) or I pack up and go.

    Notice said bloke, who’s at least twice her size, has said he reached out the day before. Sounds very guilt-covering-arse to me.

    Some women are more high maintenance than others. Some men are too.

    Feel for her family who will probably now be blaming their selves for nit knowing and not being more involved. RIP
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  19. She courted and lived on social media. It’s no surprise they turned on here when it wasn’t go well tbh. That’s the price of modern ‘fame’
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