Ccm Flat Tracker

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  1. I think that it might look good on the lhs.
  2. The two number plate options on delivery are in the standard sort of place or mounted on the left hand swing arm, which is what I’ll almost certainly go for.

  3. Definetly the better option out of the two, shame that they don’t allow you to have a laser cut aluminium reg plate , half the size lol
  4. Liked this particular version too. Something about them for sure. :upyeah:

    23674754_10155322590591936_8276013293034495903_o.jpg 23736361_10155322590741936_8106999513510820947_o.jpg
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  5. That is the oon I have ordered.
  6. So I believe the engine is a Kymco made in Taiwan. I may be wrong, so please correct me if you know better. CCM seem to be quite coy about the provenance of the engine.
  7. It's a Husqvarna I believe
  8. Husqvarna.
  9. Spoke with one of CCM’s Directors at the Bike Shed today, first customer bikes should finally be going out in the next few days. He was pretty optimistic the July estimate for my Tracker was still achievable, so here’s hoping. In due course there’ll be bikes available for test rides at Bike Shed/Club Moto London. Showed me some pictures of the Bobber variant, which will be on show at the Excel over the coming weekend, looks quite smart.

    Roll on summer...

    ADB03EE8-378D-43B2-8856-F324EB221188.jpeg 93B2F6CF-1DF3-41EA-A663-5650EAB21F44.jpeg F283BEE0-CFED-4A99-A0C3-6C32EB1C82E2.jpeg 2192EC27-A4A6-449E-B66B-7BB7FA18E318.jpeg 860BD1BE-0269-48B5-BE76-6A77DC1F8D0A.jpeg B8F99D0B-56BC-4B0E-AE4B-4AA250711B04.jpeg 4F90AAB3-7A96-4C63-A797-D57105DA41CE.jpeg 6714118F-F7B3-4B49-A2C8-23054E754A31.jpeg
  10. looks absolutely gorgeous, the design and the attention to detail looks unbeatable really, do they design their bikes all in-house?
  11. All done in house as far as I’m aware. SkunkWerx is what they call their in house design team, in homage to Kelly Johnson’s Lockheed Skunk Works, designers of the SR-71 amongst other rather smart and radical aircraft.
  12. Never knew they existed, the bobber looks great. The all do actually, congrats.
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  13. The flat tracker at the top, I wonder if that was the tank issue? It looks like the forks impeded on the tank so they simply took a hammer to it to get steering clearance by denting it. The later one lower down seems to have a more shallower and sculptured tank. If that is the case I wonder what the effect on tank capacity has been?
  14. The tank issue was one of quality control I believe, the tanks supplied not being delivered to the required standard by the supplier.

    From chatting with one of CCM’s Directors yesterday, ultimately I could possibly find my bike delivered with either an aluminium tank or a twin walled composite one. Might have a bit of a preference for the aluminium but ultimately I’m relaxed either way I think.