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Discussion in 'Detailing and cleaning' started by Boukekoppejan, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. WD40 is great for removing stickers but I wouldn't go near my chain with it for reasons already stated.
  2. I use both motul dry lube and WD chain lube. The Motul factory line lube will fling a lot but is useful for winter storage if you have a damp cold garage. It will do a better job of keeping any rust off the chain.
    As for cleaning, I use paraffin and a chain brush to do most of the work and then one blast with Motul chain cleaner to remove any remnants of paraffin. Chain cleaner is expensive and paraffin is fairly cheap so it makes sense. Paraffin is also recommended by chain manufacturers and is safe to use as a cleaner.
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  3. Motul chain cleaner but Wurth chain lube.
  4. Ipone products are some of the best I've come across for degreasing..etc..all developed for motorbikes.

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  5. Branded chain cleaners approx £11 for 750 ml , Paraffin, does the same job £8 for 4 ltrs.
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  6. Motorcycle chain cleaner is indeed a foolish rip-off.
    Paraffin or Kerosene as we call it on this side of the pond, is inexpensive and the base ingredient for most chain cleaning products.
    I still have some in the garage but the problem with it is the smell.
    Try Simple Green de-greaser. It's not quite as strong but you can use it everywhere such as rims and plastics.
    It's bio-degradable and wont harm the chain's o-rings.
    It's also cheap and smells great. I'll never go back to anything else.
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  7. A mix of petrol and diesel does an amazing job.
  8. Parrafin. Its cheap. And wifeys old suede brush. Well, its old now but it wasnt when I stole it. No, I havent seen it dear. You sure you put it there? Nope, never seen it.
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  9. GT-85 to clean and Wurth Dry Chain Lube to erm....lube. No more messy rear wheel. Works for me.
  10. If the bike is stored in a garage mix 2 tablespoons of molten chocolate with 2 tablespoons of animal fat and a tea spoon of cornflour. Stir briskly and apply liberally to the chain. Mice love the mix and will break their teeth down to the gums trying to eat it thereby saving any damage to your bike or household wiring. Leaves a nice finish on the chain. :)
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  11. Is she also looking for her toothbrush?
  12. No, its electric. But she is wondering where a couple of face towels have gone. Wax on, wax off...
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  13. Light match, throw? Suppose that will clear out the garage. I'll have a go this p.m:)
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