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748 Changing Clutch Pressure Plate

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by NeilH, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. So I'm preparing to swap my clutch pressure plate for my Ducati Performance one.
    Remove side fairing
    Remove clutch cover
    Undo the six bolts - I'm guessing that I don't have to lock the basket to loosen them?
    Pull pressure plate out which I think will still be attached to the push rod.
    Will I need a puller to separate the plate from the push rod? Other techniques?

    Reassembly the opposite of the above presumably?
    Bolts - hand tight? / torque? / threadlock?

    I've watched a few youtube videos but would rather ask the experts!

    Thanks in advance

  2. Spring bolts - just nip them up...do not over tighten!

    Grease on both ends of rod and around the two o rings...lightly.

    Make sur that the post with the little slit in it aligns with the little triangle on the pressure plate.
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  3. ^ as above. No puller needed. Put in workmate, blanket underneath. Blunt drift and gentle taps and out she pops.
    Keep original bolts in a bit of cardboard marked like a clock. That way bolts go back into same holes.
    Think the spring torques 5nm which is, as above, a gentle nip.
    Pic when done.

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  4. Thanks Both,
    Really helpful.
    ps so much less pressure then the old days when the bike was needed for transport the next day......
  5. Yeah. Know exactly what you mean. It’s pretty simple tbh but just take your time and savour the results. :upyeah:
  6. So pressure plate removed (I had a small puller that the legs fitted through the holes in the plate so just popped off). Before I fit the new plate I just wanted to check it was the right one as it is a different design (spring recessed) and find it doesn't work!
    DSC_1970.jpg DSC_1973.jpg DSC_1974.jpg
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  7. I see that both the old and new plates are flat on the inside without teeth to engage with the hub - therefore I conclude you have a slipper clutch?
  8. Thanks - it's a 'R' so yes it should have a slipper. :)
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  9. Ok, ignore my advice about aligning the post with the slit in it with the triangle on the plate - slippers do not have this requirement.

    As it’s a slipper - have you considered regressing the spider spring and ramps etc? This would be a more involved job if you don’t have the holding tool etc.

    Otherwise, the plate looks fine.

    What sort of R is it btw?
  10. Thanks - 2002 748R. I don't think I'll push my luck in terms of anything else ( have a tendency to break things!)
    Thanks for the advice.
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  11. Cracking ride. Best bike I have ever owned, the 748r 02. And I’ve owned a few. ;)
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  12. Nice bike!

    If you want to regrease your clutch I could do it if you fancy a ride down the A272 to Gatwick area sometime when the weather improves.
    #12 RickyX, Feb 29, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 29, 2020
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  13. 079034EB-4D80-4D9B-AF96-768D90A5447C.jpeg Hey Ricky. Wanna come and service my bike?
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  14. Thanks I might take you up on the offer!
  15. i could come over and ride it! that would be cool...
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  16. I see you still have that old nail of a bike,
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  17. Yes, I can’t give it away (unless you are @chizel ).
  18. You could swap it for his Scrambler.
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  19. That is just so wrong on so many levels. :D
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  20. That's a very nice R you have there.
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