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Choose Between 996s Or 998

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Lazzzydog, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. 996S

  2. 998

  1. Apologies for the thread hijack, it's interesting stuff though.

    No problem, the info is just what I wanted and if it's helping others as well then thats even better.
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  2. I have a owned 996S for +10years and have only ridden a 998 a few times and yes they are different .I feel the 996S picks ups better and feels more punchy lower down, not sure if that is because I rode my bike different to the one borrowed. As for the flakey rocker yes it can be problem , I haven’t seen this with mine or any any mention on previous service- maintenance documents and now as I am hanging up my boots the bike will olny stuff from dust.
  3. Always go for the 998.

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  4. You're giving up riding but keeping the bike as a piece of art for the lounge?
  5. The 996S has just been taken off the market so currently I am down to just the 998 unless anybody else on here has something they will part with. Anything considered in the 748/916/996/998 family. Even a ratty one because I have had my head turned by the 748S Senna and would maybe like to build a replica, but being lazy I would prefer to buy something near enough to have the odd blast on, polish for giggles and hand over to my son when I'm too old to get on it myself and then he can restore it.
    Anybody selling?
  6. friend of mine is sell either a very mint 996 or a very mint 748 shortly 748 is yellow, 996 red
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  7. 9*6SPS cams are marked T1, all Desmoquatro Strada cams are marked "A1".
    The T1 SPS cams were possibly the best up grade cams (IMO) for any Desmoquatro, good wide power band and top end without revving the motor past 10K rpm.
    888SP4 cams are the same as the original Tricolore race "Kit" 851 and all of the 851/888SP's (apart from the 888SP(4)S and SP5's), these cams lack low down punch and any top end gains were at the expense of revving to 11K+ rpm, this isn't very good for Crank case life as they tend to crack between the V of the cylinders when revved that high.

    Steve R
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  8. More good info and 2 possible bikes coming up for sale soon.
    I am going to have a look at the 998 on Monday so let's see how that turns out. Are there any easily spotted external differences between a 996 lump and a 998?
    Thanks for your replies so far.
  9. Cylinder heads.
    The 998 engine gas a proper rocker cover.
    The 996 has two wee oblong inspection covers on the front and back if each head
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  10. Position of the ignition coils, bolted on the frame on a 998.
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  11. I've had an SPS from new, with loads of failed rockers. So would go for the 998;)
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  12. I had a ride on the 998 today and it rides as sweet as a nut. The engine is very smooth, pulls really well and it's hard to believe its only 123bhp from the way it takes off. The gearbox is positive with a really nice lever action and the clutch rattles like a bastard. It will come with a bi-posto seat, rear paddock stand and new belts that I can get fitted. Now the bad points, some of the panels are non oem, the brake and clutch levers are aftermarket and there's a crack in the temp gauge glass. I think it's had a low side at some point. The riding position is of course completely unsuited to a man of advancing years like myself and it was a relief to get back on my Mutley to ride home.
    I think it's probably just what I'm looking for, nicely run in at 17000 miles and not too mint to take out on a nice day for a short blast.
    Just one more question :- The ambient temperature on the test ride was 21° and when fully warmed through the bike gauge was showing around 90° whether running out in the wilds or bimbling painfully in traffic, is that about right for one of these?
  13. On a 20-25 degrees days, like we’re having at the moment, my 998 reads 80 Celsius when riding in the open (80-100 km/h) and just short of 100 if stopped in traffic. The two fans kick in at 100-ish.

    Exact same thing with the 916 (except only one fan, on the left side).
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  14. Are you going to look at the 996S as well? It would be good for you if you could compare.
    Your original post said they were both in good condition - the 998 with non OEM fairings sounds less than perfect and may have stuff lurking. Did you look under the panels and at lockstops to check?
  15. The 998 is definitely not perfect but it would not take much effort to make it a peach. The mono seat is aftermarket but the bi posto is original. I never thought to check the lockstops but there was no obvious sign of any serious crash damage to the frame or forks or triple clamps.
    The 996S was for sale on here but was taken off the market.
    The 998 is advertised on the website of Promus Vehicles of Stockport if you want to take a look.
  16. There's a one owner bike at Moto Strada in Skipton that may be worth a look. Exactly the same price. No advisories on the MOT from new. Higher mileage but no big deal if it's been looked after.

    Moto Strada have a bit of a mixed reputation. They used to be a Guzzi dealer but lost their franchise.
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  17. After a test ride I decided I didn't need to try a 996 because this one rode so well and looked the part to me. The guy selling is a perfectionist who specialises in high end cars so he was super critical of the bikes finish but its bob on in my book to use on the odd sunny day without getting paranoid if it rains or the local farmers decide to coat the road in crap as is they often do around here.
    Big thanks to everybody who took the time to offer advice on this thread and by pm, you really helped. IMG_20210610_170632.jpg IMG_20210610_170600.jpg IMG_20210610_170533_1.jpg IMG_20210610_170513.jpg
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  18. Congrats - looks like you found a beauty. Enjoy.
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  19. is that big holes in the side fairings?? :astonished:
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  20. Yep. It had big ugly crash bungs but they are gone now so the holes are filled with grommets until I find a better solution.
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