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Closing Rocker Side Clearance

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by gaz92, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. As mentioned before this reno is taking a while.
    I installed the Horz cyl head closing rocker arms a while ago, and have just done the Vertical cyl head.
    I cant remember what happened with the shims for the Vertical head I presume I put them back in as they came out. The Horz shim/spacers look like they where mixed up so I measured them and ended up with approx 0.55 / 0.6 gap between arm fingers and valve stem.
    I measured the Vertical ones I did probably a year or so ago and they were about 0.38-0.30/ 0.88-0.9.
    So the question is - is this OK or should it be equal.
    I can't see or remember how many shims where on each side. I don't want to take them out and swap them over and find the offset has moved to the other side. Or should I take them out and check as they really should be more equal.

    Cheers Gaz
  2. You do not specify which engine, on 904 cc 2 valvers there should be one shim either side of the spring clip and I am (pretty) sure one between the rocker and the head casting on the other side. If you have not taken out the rocker spindles then that one will still be there.
  3. Sorry, yes its a 904cc 2 valve.

    Did not say in the title of thread, but I am talking about the closing rocker. I think you are correct about the opening rocker, in any case that is what I have done so thanks for confirmation.

    Cheers Gaz
  4. Took the plunge to pull the rockers out and check the shims and side clearance. Ended up with about 0.6 give or take a bit on both sides so glad I did.
    I used a little tool I made. I have a ducati tool but the spring cocks the rocker over a bit and I found it difficult to use.
    My tool holds rocker and spring together and gives you a bit of space to get shim in.
    I also had a bit of 10mm bright bar which was a good fit, I ground a taper on it to centralise the shims. I put the cylinder on its side so the shims did not keep falling out then installed the proper shaft.

    put tie wrap around spring and lift it up

    with other hand slip end of spring in hole and position tool on rocker arm

    rock and spring now held together and can be taken out as one piece

    centralise shims with tapered bar (10mm bright bar) then install proper shaft.

    I have a .dxf file somewhere if any one has access to a lazer. It needs a tweek though, the gap for the rocker fingers is just a bit too small and I had to file out.

    Cheers Gaz
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