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1200 Enduro Clutch Lever Play

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Edward Cunliffe, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Morning all, can someone tell me if there's any free play on the clutch lever before the little pusher blob thing hits the master cylinder piston please.
  2. There should not be but can’t you adjust it?
  3. Thanks, yes I can, no problem with adjusting it. I've put some new folding levers on and was getting a bit of clutch slip yesterday that's all.
  4. If you are getting clutch slip but the pusher is not tight on the plunger when the lever is released, they are likely not connected.
    Had the lever been really tight on the plunger so the clutch was being lifted with the lever released - THAT could cause clutch slip.
  5. Yeah second one!
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  6. Oh, and I fitted an Oberon slave cylinder as well so I guess I'm still tweaking the setup.
  7. Oberon is not at fault. Have no issues with it
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  8. No there's no fault apart from mine. New lever, new slave cylinder, you've got to start somewhere getting it right, I have plenty of adjustment left so no issue, I just need to get it right.
  9. Air in the system?
  10. I would be looking at the Oberon slave cylinder fitting, have you fitted the small extension rod which is supplied for some older models, if so it could be the problem.
  11. No, didn't fit the spacer. It's fine, I just had the blob that pushes the master cylinder piston too far out.
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  12. I thought you had play at the lever, no problems if it's sorted.
  13. It was that I wanted to know if there SHOULD be any play at the lever. I've adjusted it a bit but not ridden it since. Plenty of adjustment to go if I need it, but thanks for your input.

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