1098 Clutch Robbery

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  1. Would be good if we could see it!
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  2. I get that, but it’s the only picture I got, plus let’s be fair sometimes certain people only need a miniscule of detail to know something about something just thought I’d ask, no big deal at all
  3. Doesn’t look like an STM but could be DP or Bucci or Bucci clone as it’s the most copied aftermarket clutch. If the clutch lever pulses on aggressive change downs, then it is probably a slipper but if the back end skips around on aggressive down changes, then it’s not. Andy
  4. Yes my 848 had a slipper I remember the feel andy, no mention it’s a slipper in the advert but then again my 848 was sold in a bike shop they also never put it in the advert although it could have been removed somewhere along the line.
  5. Wasn't trying to be awkward Carl, is this a bike you have bought but not got yet? from that photo its very difficult to tell, it could just be an anodized pressure plate, or it could be a slipper, better photo would help.
  6. I know mate, it’s hard to come across on tinternet as genuinely saying I’m not fussed, you are totally right on the picture, I collect it this month so no can’t access it, I wouldn’t mind if someone has popped a slipper on and it didn’t get mentioned I mean a full system has found its way on, I think fundamentally I just hope whatever is on it is pukka ha.
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  7. AADACA79-36C7-48FD-BC71-FC18CD30FD40.jpeg 0DF75C83-6125-4796-A0C3-8E7385BDB35F.jpeg 0DC3439C-85A1-46C3-9A1B-56C450DCC359.jpeg D969EDC9-C18A-4E4F-9636-D4637D8A9FED.jpeg Shit old clutch removed and uneven wear of the plates have been observed thank god i’m changing it.
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  8. @Nelson, STM seem to make 3 different Evoluzione clutches. GP, SBK or 90mm. Any idea what the difference is? Cant find the info on their website.

  9. what you have bought is fine especially with the 48 tooth basket.

    The main reason a spider spring breaks is piss poor set up or lack of maintenance and then it wears.

    when you build it up set it up correctly and it'll be great!
  10. Perhaps if you took a closer picture it would help a lot:upyeah:
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  11. When you say set up correctly are you referring to the torque settings?
  12. exactly.............no

    the height of the pack stack when built on the drum...( different to the usual confusion surrounding height of a stack of plates)
  13. Hey @andyb ...why not share your knowledge so that @Thelord can learn and not repeat other people’s mistakes...bit of detail required so he/we know what to avoid.
  14. im sure its amongst this site anyway..
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  15. Assuming the stack Height is correct, other things to look at are greasing underneath the ends of the spider spring legs, where they slide, and obviously the ball bearings. Mine is a Sigma 48T, it looks very similar to the STM unit above.
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  16. Thanks for the advice I will be fitting my new slipper clutch today if I get chance. I must admit whoever installed my old clutch had made a mess with the stack my tutting could be heard from down the street.
  17. how are you measuring the "stack height"?
  18. IIRC the STM dry slipper clutches I have set up instruct the measurement of the stack to ensure correct operation (slipping) of the clutch.
    The instructions for the Sigma wet ones I've fitted have given the 'clearance' or top of stack to top of drum measurement as a check.
    Clearly one measurement is relative to the other. It's simpler to measure the latter as you mitigate the need to keep taking the stack on and off to check/adjust the height. However if this measurement is unknown (not in the instructions) you're left with the former.
    The instruction attached apply to the STM evo I had on my old road bike.

    stm evolution clutch.jpeg
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  19. I am using the information supplied with the clutch as I am replacing the whole assembly or are you referring to tooling then I am using vernier callipers.
    Clutch stack 3.jpeg