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1260 Cobra Irad 900 Radar Detector ...

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by john clelland, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Earlier this week, I installed a Cobra iRAD 900 radar/lidar detector on my 1260.

    Fits nicely, hardwired into keyed power (spliced into the GPS power wires) ... and the smartphone (iPhone and Android) app is very cool, and connects right up to my Schuberth Bluetooth comm system.

    Out of the box, it is a little too sensitive for in-town use, but the app is trainable... so I can make it less responsive in town to infrared door openers at supermarkets, etc.

    And at $28 US on Amazon... and with the app being free... it seems like a pretty good deal.

    https://www.amazon.com/Cobra-Electronics-iRAD-900-Detector/dp/B00CL55JSA/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=iRAD 900&qid=1570775922&sr=8-1&fbclid=IwAR3Mtndek9c0-3ip6DoO2Rjf5PPQwzNM9wAkbHpDy3XvolE-OJ047Qxuqpo

    72295325_10215948391088554_6415655484853846016_n.jpg 72467873_10215948391408562_6965196906859331584_n.jpg 72603347_10215948390648543_1508398132172423168_n.jpg
  2. Anything to stop the government taxing you more has to be a good investment. Be curious to know if this works in England.
  3. Very illegal in England aren't they?
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  4. legal in 49 of the 50 United States States (Virginia is the holdout State).
    your mileage may vary ... so certainly check local laws.
  5. 3DD8D59C-7898-4AE8-887B-AE1B129239C0.png Legal in uk
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  6. I thought in the U.K. that you were allowed to sell, buy and fit them but it was illegal to use them as speed camera jammers as that is classified as perverting the course of justice and it's for that reason, that some have received jail sentences and heavy fines?

    That's why sellers only describe them as garage door openers, speed camera detectors or as parking sensors to avoid being prosecuted themselves.
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  7. That is also my understanding ...you can sell them, buy them and fit them but to actually be caught while using them is classed as perverting the course of justice which carries a much heavier penalty than a speeding fine
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  8. OK so lets cut to the chase.
    Anybody have one -or a "friend" who does?
    Does it detect UK radar in Police cars?
    Does it detect Speed cameras that are turned on?
    Does it detect them from a distance which allows you to slow down before being ticketed -its useless to know 2 secs before you get done especially if it costs £200 for the priviledge!
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  9. Aren't some of the speed guns working on lasers now anyway, not radar?
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  10. Not used any of these devices, I was told by a Traffic Officer (mate) that by the time any device registers a signal you have already been clocked! Behave on the main roads where there could be speed traps and go play on the windy back roads where there aren't any :)
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  11. Yup, the small handheld ones that traffic use are laser as more accurate to direct onto target vehicle and less chance of a misread off another vehicle
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  12. a good detector will alert you well before a radar gun can clock you.

    now with lidar, you are correct ... lidar is an instant on method of detection, unlike radar which typically is left on and easily detected. by the time you get hit by lidar, you are already fecked.
  13. As I understand it, the jammers work with the mobile camera vans. However, the operator takes a picture of your car and then the old bill come knocking.

    It’s about this time that you will be needing an incredibly expensive barrister and some time to negotiate ‘extra holidays’ with your employer.

    We’ve just had a case like this in York, the guy got away with a huge fine and no custodial but the judge was pretty scathing.
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  14. Don't certain garage door openers have the same effect ?
  15. So the solution is to drive a common car in a common colour, fitted with a reg plate which retracts when the radar is detected. Of course you will have to drive with a false beard & or moustache!

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