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Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by lukefrs, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Hello guys..
    Firstly i have done a search but I can only find threads asking for specific paint codes...

    My question is.. are the very first bike of 748 916 the same colour red as say the 996 and 998???

    Many thanks
  2. 81081629-4397-49DC-857A-17549B9A9A15.jpeg
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  3. I have seen this in other threads... are you saying only one red has been used through the models???
  4. No, there have been at least three reds.
    1990s Rosso Red
    2000s onwards Anniversary Red
    Plus the more orangey racing red used on recent super sports etc.
  5. My 2002 ST4 (not a 748 - 998 but same era) is Anniversary red, I had heard that different primers were used in different years making the colours harder to match - may be bollocks though
  6. There is white primer under the Rosso Red on my ‘93 and ‘94 Monster tanks.
  7. Theres a complete set of yellow fairings under the GSE Racing Hodgson Replicas, DUK had c50 yellow ones they couldn't sell, my old neighbour worked at Dream Machine who painted them all ....
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  8. The white primer is deliberate with the Rosso red to make it appear brighter.
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