Come And Say ‘hi!’ ... Bike Shed 2019

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by Oldrat, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Wow, I’ve been invited to show my ‘Zagato’ Guzzi. Chuffed or what o_O

    5070D823-3D0B-4104-B501-53ED67953E16.jpeg 1EADD305-B1F9-4C42-80DF-D29BFFE9542D.jpeg 349B0D27-336F-4BBD-80E6-3BD862B60D7C.jpeg D8D13504-2500-4307-8D20-AC88A119B549.jpeg E20E22A9-9112-470C-8F7D-2F2566A1691E.jpeg
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  2. Wow very nice. What is the colour. looks brilliant. Like the H2.
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  3. Nice one Coolrat :cool::upyeah:
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  4. Aluminium :thinkingface:
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  5. Mine is the Guzzi, although I wouldn’t chuck the Duke out
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  6. Ah it must be the shade, I thought it was painted.
  7. Nice one Brian, well deserved :upyeah:
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  8. Fabulous, well done!
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  9. Fantastic looking bikes the pair of them :upyeah:.
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  10. :upyeah:
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  11. Well done !
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  12. The Cafe Racer Cup in July at Lydden Hill is another Bike Shed event that is worth a visit.
  13. Missed this event last year so will try to make the effort to get down there this year to spend some time with the hipsters (i cant grow a beard, or any hair on my head these days so i’l stick out like a sore thumb) . The bike looks great! I bet it takes some elbow grease to keep it that shiny - someone is going to be busy over the next few months detailing that :)
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  14. Thanks :upyeah:

    You are in for a treat if you have never been before.
    Of course the hipsters will be there (I couldn’t grow a decent beard if I tried- I start Movember in January!) and they make your day if you are into people watching.

    The punters seem to come from the widest possible range, lots of families, many many female bikers and a real mix of old and young compared to traditional bike shows.

    There will be some WTF builds but the majority will be fascinating and a great display of skills ideas and innovation. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but you certainly won’t be bored.

    Food, barber shop, tattoo parlour, live music et al.
    What’s not to like :cool:
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  15. I might pop down, looks fun.
    Bike looks mint!
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  16. Your Guzzi is beauty mate.. the Ducati imo is a crime to the brand, builder deserves life in an Italian jail without pasta or a phrase book ... x
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  17. I’ve bought a couple of VIP tickets so i can attend the Friday night as i’m Working in London anyway, so would see a shame not to - if you’re about and not too busy setting up/ polishing (not a euphemism), then I’ll happily supply a beer or 2

    ^ Tattooed women bikers - i’ll be like a kid in a sweet shop! I might be setting my expectations a bit high..

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  18. The reality :(

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  19. Yes that is kind of what i was thinking.. but with beer2020 vision though.. and always worth leaving before you sober up.
  20. Thanks
    Yep, I’ve got shares in Autosol


    I kinda know what you mean about the Duke. A bit like a a red ikea cutlery tray.

    I’ll be looking out for you. Cheers