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1200 DVT Comfy Seat

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by JohnoDuc, May 6, 2021.

  1. Motorways are always more painful than twisties, you never notice any discomfort on great roads!
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  2. Very true, it's the motorway/autoroute miles that have the worst impact. The original seat though was so bad that even on enjoyable roads, where you're moving around the bike more, it was painful after a few hours.

    There's quite a bit of ambiguity on this thread. There are a few versions of non standard seats from Ducati Performance as well as alternative ones that come with the Pikes Peak or earlier touring models.
  3. I once did Le Mans to Toulouse on the current saddle (for sale) in just over 6 hours in perfect comfort, nothing beats a nice ride as they say.
  4. Another vote for Sargent seats, had them on my BMW, went for them on the Multi with zero regrets, I can comfortably do a full day on it with no problem, a multi day tour again is no problem, biggest issue is they utilise the stock base, so you end up with no std seat at sale time, I bought 2 damaged seats from Ebay for peanuts and sent them off to be changed
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  5. Sargent seat for me very comfy
  6. Just got a Corbin - loving it but I only have a few hundred miles on it so far. Next weekend is a 3-day trip of twisties, so it (or my butt) should be broken in by the time I get back.
  7. Thanks for all your thoughts on this. I’ve managed to get a Sargent at a good price.
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  8. Dan Medica gel pad. My last run October last year was 640 miles in 9.5 hours. Bought the seat pad 5years ago and has done 42k miles across 4 bikes, now sitting on the BMW for hopefully this years run and return to Provence. Google Dan Medica, they make to order and supply NHS with gel pads. Not cheap but interchangeable bike to bike.
  9. I think it depends on the shape of your arse.
    I bought a touratech seat, put it on and didn't test it out properly, on the forst proper ride out I had needles and pins in my lower back after a couple of hours, Now back to the original.
    The Touratech is flatter than the original, more pronounced edges, but for me not better than the original.
    Seat for sale, used for two hours only, any offers?
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  10. I was lucky enough to try a touratech seat out and like you it hurt like hell after an hour, so I made my own, which is also for sale now.
  11. My DVT came with the touratech seat but I was also given the original. I tried the standard seat for a few hours and went straight back to the touratech as it was so much more comfortable. The standard seat feels a lot harder and after an hour or so I would find myself standing up to give my behind a rest. No such problems with the touratech.
  12. I had a Sargent on my X-r which was slightly better than standard but not worth the£400 didn’t get on with air hawk as it felt a bit like a water bed willowy.
    Got R9T seat redone at Sussex which is better if you do check that there is enough material to add more foam got new seat cover from if customs

    and now Sam on here got my 1260 seat redone at else made which is great flattened more padding black cover and I retrofitted a heat pad (cheaper than buying a ms v4s) the seat covers from ducabike/ conquest are nice but add 220 for cover only

    The new Sam designed seat stops me sliding forward is more comfy & I wear cycling shorts a fantastic til I learnt last year after 25 years

    Getting seat redone allows you to customise according to your needs & same price as Corbin Sargent or less at Sussex will take some pics and post
  13. Hi Hawkster, i have the same issue with my seat - reading your thread did you send your standard seat to Sargent to be reworked? thanks
  14. Hi, long shot but do you still have a seat for sale thanks.
  15. What seat do you need?
  16. Hi Mike,
    I am looking for a Sargent or Touratech seat for my 2018 Multistrada 1200 DVT - i went out for the first time the other day and i was shocked about how uncomfortable the standard seat is - my nadds and backside are still recovering pms thanks Rich
  17. I don’t, but if you contact SP4S on here he has it and wants to sell it, he is 5’8” and I am 6’3” so it does not suit him.
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  18. I think that SP4S has messaged me before i will ask what seat manufacturer it is?
  19. Why don’t you come and see me and have a test ride with my seat. I’ve totally redesigned the cover and seat. It has a grippy material to stop you sliding forwards, also it is a different shape. You don’t slide forward any more because it doesn’t slope forwards.

    I find it all day comfortable and so apparently does Meng, who bought one. (See above).
    Pm me for more details. Hope this helps. 037C8029-8A03-469B-9422-5B83E6D9A49F.jpeg
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  20. More pics. 98A6523C-799E-4B67-9125-AC713EE20675.jpeg 54522302-FC68-4A46-A0F1-0044B0B3CBE7.jpeg
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