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Condensation In Garage

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Ash Hussain, Dec 21, 2020.

  1. extension lead or generator ?

  2. Don’t leave it there too long or your Daughter will convert it tolook similar to

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  3. Have you an extension lead long enough or plenty of fuel for a genni, London’s is a long extension lead bud just saying’ like.:confused:
  4. Fook off, i'm not wandering over there it's full of Variants................;)
  5. Mutants you mean just come back from there just about escaped ;)
  6. good to have you back near god's country Scudder , yes well they are all some kind of ....ants don't you know.
  7. Porty according to this map I actually live in Wales

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  8. Bore da Butty, poor little engerland better watch out when we start to regain our Borders. Yma o hyd.
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  9. Whenever this solution comes up someone generally pops up (me this time ...) to warn that storing a motorcycle inside the house may void your (house) insurance. Don't ask me why; perhaps the fire risk or something. But certainly others have not done it on those grounds having had a conversation with the insurer.
  10. Too far for an extension lead. I considered solar panels but don’t think will be enough juice for a trickle charger and heat.
    Genny i haven’t considered...
  11. A pal of mine combats condensation in his cold, used to be damp, garage by running a small fan from a retired car battery. He charges the battery once a week. His condensation problem is no more thanks to the circulating air set up and it has worked like this for the last couple of years.
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  12. ive got steves number mate il give him a call.
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  13. I use a desiccant dehumidifier. Works a treat. The refrigerated ones don’t work at low temperatures very well but the desiccant ones will drag out the moisture no problem through the winter. Amazing what they can remove from the air. As soon as I see any condensation anywhere in the garage I put it in low and leave it until it fills.
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  14. Interesting how those in South Wales are classed as having dementia ;)
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  15. ‘Tis ok they can’t remember when they didn’t....:confused:
  16. +1 for a desiccant dehumidifier. I have a Meaco DD8L Junior which has a hose connection for continuous drainage. I have it on a time switch which is one for a hour or so twice a day, and use a remove sensor on a weather station to monitor the relative humidity level which adjust the timer to keep at about 50%. I don't use it during the summer and it can take a while to "suck" all the moisture out of the garage structure and contents when I first fire it up in the autumn.
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  17. If you have plenty of spray on protection on your bike, why would condensation matter?
  18. yes, and you lot up in "E Bye Gum" can't spell. :p
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