749 Coolant Reservoir Rubber Mount

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  1. On the rebuild of my 749S after a TPS replacement, I realised that I am missing the rubber mount that fits on the right hand radiator tang. Not found any online so far. Anyone got a spare or a source of this item or a solution to rubber mount the base of the right hand air intake/coolant reservoir?
  2. Call a Ducati garage (I use Moto Rapido) and they'll order it if not in stock. Probably only a couple of quid.
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  3. Tried that using an Aussie Ducati main dealer and nothing in the country, could put on back order but no indication of how long to deliver. I will try Moto Rapido, thanks. I will do a temporary fix drilling through both the base of the coolant reservoir and radiator tang and using a rubber washer and a nut, washers and a bolt for now.
  4. If they don't want to post to Aus then I'll post on if they send to me.
  5. Thanks for that @Cream_Revenge. I will also try another Ducati dealer in another State and see what response I get there.
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  6. Result @jusutus, well spotted. Bought off eBay, thanks everyone :motorcycleduc::upyeah:
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