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748 Copart 2002 Ducati 748s Bip

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by RC1, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. But it's an auction.. :thinkingface:
    Is it yours RC1?
  2. Nope and no idea why youd think it was?
  3. Just a guess, no offence intended.
  4. None taken!
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  5. Last of the 748’s, seller reserve not met at £2550. Not sure about the ‘engine starting problem’ on top of the ‘minor’ damage. Could be a bit of a money pit. Andy
  6. It’s already more than its worth. Money pit.
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  7. Shame nice colour though.
  8. The base 748 was so yesterday by 2002, Ducati resorted to resurrecting the Senna colours to try and shift them. Andy
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  9. Not sure what the ‘engine starting problem’ is as it’s running in one of the photos. I’m also gobsmacked ar how little damage there appears to be yet it’s an insurance write off.
  10. Panels, probably swing arm scuff, lock stops bent.
    They probably think the clutch is a broken engine ;)
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  11. they probably don't know about the little button on the throttle either for the fast idle.
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  12. Bidding is at more than its worth already IMO
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  13. ^ now £2700 and reserve still not met.....
  14. someone has been watching ebay asking prices and think its worth 12 grand ;)
  15. ^ probably - shame as if it were a bit more realistic I would have had a go at it for a project. Looks reasonably clean prior to the accident.
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  16. I’m guessing reserve is 3k
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  17. Anyone know what it went for?
  18. I’d avoid buying anything from Copart unless you visit the yard and take a look at the lot before you bid. I worked for Copart for a while and I’d be very very careful.

    if you’ve got the lot no, have a search on the main UK page and it may pop up with the final highest bid
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  19. Actually guys as the owner of this bike now it had very little damage.... it was not an insurance write off according to HPI... and engine is bang on. .... the engine wont start without the side stand up... this may have been "the starting problem". it's a mystery why a bike that appears to have been knocked over, ended up at Copart... My friend did the paint on it... I serviced and did the belts... so now it's ready for summer!
    I cant stop looking at it.... love it.
    Cheers all
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