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Featured 1200 DVT Cornerspeed Great Service

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Vtwin4fun, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. Just had the absolute pleasure of getting my desmo belt service done at Cornerspeed by Neil. So knowledgeable and we'll worth the 2 hour ride each way for me. I've definitely found my new "local" workshop. Would recommend without hesitation for anyone to take their pride and joy there. Cheers @nelly

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  2. Yep another 4h round trip for me for him to refettle my 749
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  3. I'll have no hesitation going there for all my services. Might even get my tyres done there too. Will be a good journey back to scrub them in
  4. Great To deal with, they did my first service on my last Multistrada, I had just taken collection of it just before a long trip up North which would mean having its first service whilst on my bike trip, non of the big dealers could fit me in but Neil when out of his way to service my bike so I could continue my trip. Top service and a credit to Ducati
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  5. NEVER a negative comment about the place :upyeah::upyeah:
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  6. Wish I was closer......
  7. Never too far for service and knowledge on that level, not only is Neil an ace mechanic, also a genuine nice person , I had mine serviced a few weeks ago, 2.5 hours there on the trailer , 2.5 hours driving back with Empty trailer, then a week later , 3 hours in the train and 5 hours of the long way around riding the bike back home, well worth it !
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  8. Cos he’s a top bloke.

    I’m going to ask him to fuck up a few bikes (not mine of course). He’s too good, gets too busy. I hate queues... :imp:
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  9. Long as Aircon doesn’t use him, he’ll be fine :p
  10. Oooooooohhhh.... sizzle.....

    Doubt it, lives down LHR way doesn’t he?
  11. He does? Not sure he’s ever mentioned it or property prices near LHR.

    Back on topic, Nelly is a top spanner operator and Tea maker.
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  12. He normally picks mine up to service it, might have to ride it up to him this time. But yes, agreed, top bloke.
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  13. Wow, what a series of accolades for Nelly. I know a couple of Ducati owners who also swear by Corner Speed. Perhaps I'll have to re-consider where I get my bike looked after, but then again, quite a hike from Somerset. Hmmm :thinkingface:
    I might do it anyway, just to extend the queue and niggle MH :laughing:
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  14. I bought a throttle spacer from Neil, it came next day. Top chap to deal with and if I was in the area and needed his services, wouldn’t hesitate.
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  15. Can’t fault Neil, always brilliant friendly service, years of knowledge, I wouldn’t go anywhere else, and he can’t help his looks (sorry Neil but I had to put something in for balance:) )
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  16. Oh no... I’ve bragged to too many people about my wonderful mechanic and his lovely nephew Jack. Jack has been trained by Nelly and is such a smashing chap.
    No one other than Nelly and Jack can go near my bikes.....and I saw them first so they are mine ♥️
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  17. We should have a list of good indi duke service around country
  18. He’s main dealer nowadays.
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  19. Neil looks after both my bikes. Absolutely first class service always!
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  20. DoD, I hope Nelly knows that he's "yours" and that Michael doesn't....
    Damn, now they both do:eek:
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