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Featured Correze, Dordigne, Cantal, Volcanes

Discussion in 'Touring' started by J biker, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. Just a day tour today.
    Decided to take the GS as it has been parked up since purchase of the MonsterR.
    Bloody capable thing for munching miles.
    Anyway. Would say some great roads sort of between Aurillax, Saint Flour, Clermont Ferrand, Ussel.
    Some pictures from today, sorry if the BM has got in the way at times.
    20210729_153719.jpg 20210729_152935.jpg




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  2. Sorry, big thumbs and uploaded from mobile.
    Should read Dordogne, but you knew that!

    ...and Aurillac!
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  3. Very nice.
    I'm way overdue a trip to the Southern Half of France. Maybe next year.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Missing France and my European tours.

    I'm in the process of pushing back a planned trip to Corsica to late 2022 which has already been postponed from 2020 and now 2021. Corsica ferries will probably hit me for yet another surcharge to move the sailings that they've been sitting on my full payment for since late 2019.
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  5. Freedom:upyeah:I see you can still get cheap B&B's these days post Brexit.
  6. Where was the picture with the waterfall taken? Don't recognise that.
    Yes but cheap B&B's are nothing to do with brexit, most of the locals around here have no idea what brexit is/was. We are inundated with Dutch and Belgian cars at the moment.
  7. For Bob T
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  8. I often take a photo of place names etc just to help me remember where places are. Also try to keep location services switched on, so I can find where photos were taken.
    A few people around the tourist places yesterday, but the roads are not bad at all.
    Cant wait for September and having the place nearly to myself again o_O Feels so different to overcrowded UK.
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  9. Agreed.
    I have a few Dutch customers. They seem to like this area.
  10. This is in the crater of a volcano..not extinct by definition. Last mainland eruption I can find is 4040 BCE.
    So inactive!

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  11. Another from last week. Proof that interesting things are just off the main routes.
    This just off the A20 south of Limoges. 20210720_103602.jpg

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  12. Both of those above nationalites are wonderful folk.:upyeah:
  13. And one of them are good drivers too.
  14. I thought the Belgiens were good for chocolate & beer and the Dutch for tulips & naughty activities.
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