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1260 Corrosion Under Water Pump Cover

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Blairso, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. I've just removed the cover from my water pump to fit a Rizoma guard, and uncovered an unbelievable amount of corrosion. This has been caused by water trapped in the foam underneath the cover. I can't see the point in this foam, it will offer no mechanical protection, can it be there for sound deadening of the pump ? Whatever the reason I would recommend that everyone has a look, this will be a warranty claim as the paint is actually peeling off.

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  2. Will be wipping the cover off mine tomorrow for a quick check, that looks terrible, will report back with a pic.
  3. All it takes is one small stone chip to put an unnoticed pin hole through the paint and that sort of corrosion is typical. I have experienced something very similar on both the clutch cover and the swing arm. Andy
  4. The plastic cover and foam are OE fitted to reduce engine noise (a very little!). Mine was removed before I took delivery and a Rizoma protector fitted. Without the cover there is no sign of corrosion after 20K miles and 18 months.
  5. Jeezuz! That looks shocking, how old is your bike, how many miles?
  6. 18 months, 8000 miles.
  7. IMG_1826.jpeg IMG_1828.jpeg IMG_1829.jpeg IMG_1830.jpeg IMG_1831.jpeg
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  8. It should hopefully get replaced under warranty.
    I'd then apply ACF-50 (or similar) to the areas under the foam, then re-assemble the foam piece

    I intend to check mine and follow that procedure
  9. Judging by those pics, its clearly not related to stone chips! I guess the foam and the cover have contributed to providing the ideal temperature and moisture to promote the corrosion.
    I have heard that the water based paints that are now a legal requirement, has led to this among many manufacturers. The better ones are using anodising rather than paint.
  10. Is the foam really necessary ?
  11. I think the foam probably constitutes the majority of the noise absorption. the plastic will be used as a (weak) noise reflection barrier.
    Id imagine it was put there to help the bike reach noise emission standards.
  12. I have contacted my local dealer,with all the pics above, just waiting for them to get back to me!!
  13. That is shocking. I thought mine was bad on the 1200 and had it replaced under warranty, guess what, the replacement did exactly the same. 500 quid for that engine cover. Thought they would have cured it by now, should be powder coated.
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  14. Had a quick look at mine after reading this post, 5 month old 1260...only been out in a couple of showers. Looks like the plastic cover will be staying off and an aftermarket part to be fitted.

    F205B453-E55E-4B54-9DD3-B408623B0256.jpeg 006C6702-0CEE-4E13-8532-02649DEC72CC.jpeg
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  15. Just got word back from my local dealer, replacement parts being ordered, the plastic cover will be getting shelved, as above an aftermarket part to protect will be fitted!!
  16. No cover on North American models, different noise requirements I guess
  17. I sent my dealer pictures of mine but I have to take my bike in so they can establish the "overall condition of the bike" and send the pictures to Ducati for assessment. They think the corrosion has been caused by road salt, despite the fact the bike has never been ridden with salt on the roads. So that's an 80 mile round trip to get a photograph taken. I think with this, the high oil consumption, and the erratic quick shifter/auto blipper, will mean I end my relationship with Ducati
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  18. Sounds like you need to find a new dealer!
  19. T.A.D.T.S
    They all do that sir!
    And my S4R motor is the same all over the crankcases. *sigh!*
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