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1260 Corrosion Under Water Pump Cover

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Blairso, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. First thing I do with any motorcycle (after the corrosion on my well looked after 2013 Mts) is apply ACF 50 to all bolt heads, metal surfaces, brake disc rivets etc. Spray it around fixing brackets and into the nooks and crannies.
    No problems on 3 BMW and 1 KTM since the Mts.
    But this is part of what stopped me buying another Ducati tbh., that and the fasteners made of cheese.

    Manufacturers rely too heavily now on people changing bikes regularly before issues arise. The quality and longevity just does not seem to match the price tags.
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  2. Well due to this thread, just been out to the one month old 1260 and removed the cover, foam/ sponge very damp, what a piss poor design, cover back on after a coat of ACF 50 minus the sponge. Thanks for the heads up.
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  3. Yeah it is a bit of a cor blimey init o_O
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  4. EAB2B84F-06FD-43B1-99F4-DE0B896E7BE1.jpeg
    so this was mine at 3mths old and 12pp miles. No issue from dealer. Swapped immediately. Binned that plastic rubbish that was over the top!

    But I found a better cover
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  5. Where did you get your cover from please , like the look of that ...
    Just had the nod from the lovely chaps at Ducati Manchester that my replacement bits have turned up and my side stand needs changing too.
    Happy now , having a decent dealer helps a lot I guess
  6. Alternator cover is a limited edition Pikes Peak... EBay, the seller had 3 but it was last year.
  7. Careful you get the right year !
  8. What plastic cover?
    Mine looks like this and it does not feel like plastic:
    Screenshot from 2020-06-29 16:14:25.png
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  9. If that's a 1260 it should have one.
  10. It's a 1260 Pikes Peak right off the showroom floor.
    I just saw what you mean in post #15. Mine never had one of those covers.
    In fact, curiosity made me look it up and none of the bikes seen so far in North-America has it.
    That plastic cover must be a European or Regional requirement for additional noise suppression.
    Given the potential damage it causes, I'd trash that thing before the bike leaves the dealer's premises.
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  11. This is the one you need to protect the water pump carbuncle.... Multistrada 1260 Ducabike water pump protector.JPG
  12. What’s it to protect against? Dropping (I don’t think that would hold up)?
  13. The original is just to muffle noise for the noise test...

    Tony’s one is blingtastic!
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  14. There's probably a good reason, but why didn't Ducati tuck it out of the way like on the 1260 Diavel?
  15. Limited protection I agree, but whilst it might not do entirely, I have little doubt it would deflect impact and in a slide, it would limit abrasion, potentially (hopefully) stopping a fracture of the water pump cover. And it's certainly more farkley than the horrible thing that was on there!
    Anyway, as I have little or no intention of dropping the bike, it becomes purely academic and aesthetic to boot.......:)
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