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Cost To Build A Wall In Bedfordshire, Nothing To Do With Mexicans.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by dukesox, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Hello all, any builders around to give me a rough quote on an internal wall in a warehouse ?

    I`m looking to sublet part of my warehouse and need to build an internal wall to divide the unit. I need to have a rough guide by monday midday when the potential tenants have a board meeting so any help will be appreciated . The specs are as follows :-
    2.7 metre high block work with fire resistant boarding on aluminium struts above to a total height of 6m . The wall will run for approx 50 metres in an L shape.
    As I say , just a rough quote at this stage . If it goes ahead and my warehouse location is in a convenient location then we can move to a proper site viewing and quote. The warehouse is in mid Bedfordshire.

    Thank you in advance
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  2. It will depend largely on what thickness and material the wall will need to be in order for it to be stable at 9'-0" high.....this could mean 9" thick with piers at say, 6'-6" centres, or 1'-0" thick without piers (at a guess). The right angle will add greatly to stability for a reasonable length both directions, as will how the wall is restrained at each end.

    A freestanding brick wall at 1'-0" thick in a 'sheltered area' can usually only be a maximum of 8'-0" high. However, sheltered area means outside subjected to minor wind loads.

    If you want it in Metric, no problem; I work in both Metric and Imperial (usually all at the same time).
  3. Have you budgeted in for separate electrics, lighting, fire alarm for the divided units also?
  4. Lets stick in Imperial for now please.I cant really give you any answers on the thickness etc, not my area of expertise. The only details I can give are the dimensions I gave earlier. If it helps at all I can send you pictures of the warehouse. Let me know if you think that would help and if so I`ll pop in to work tomorrow morning and take some pics.
  5. Yes thank you.
  6. It is not possible to get an accurate quote unless all other factors are taken into account like others have said, get a professional quote which adheres to your insurance criteria regarding fire, electrics, water and building regulations before you give a guesswork quote which could realistically bite you in the arse when you have to get the work done. Commercial insurance regulations is a nightmare and if you think you know better than they do good luck with your claim if it goes tits up. That is the only comment I will make.
  7. Oh by the way if it does go pear shape you are liable as you are subletting the property and the onus is on you and your company.
  8. A sketch floor plan with horizontal dimensions would help - at least I could tell you if you need a structural engineer or not - after all can the floor sustain a point load of a heavy wall on it?
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  9. M builder got caught out on a 8m x 4m extension, partition wall was “supporting” not structural and he add to add in a steel RSJ as building regs wouldn’t allow a block wall to be built on the original concrete slab unless foundations were dug!
  10. Thank you for your input. To clarify a little, the subtenant is a charity that looks after disabled children by running a day care\ play centre which gives the parents respite. The charity will be responsible for the work and all aspects of it from start to finish. My company is willing to pay for the party wall up to a maximum of £20k, I am trying to get a gauge of what the costs will be before we make our offer.
  11. I`ll see what I can do and thank you for your advice.
  12. IMG_1146.JPG Here's the wall I am building, not sure what I am trying to keep out but hoping that the wife will chip in costwise! If not I will put the office of conjugal unpleasantness on hiatus!
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  13. This (what you are asking) is essentially what I do to earn my keep and these are a few before and afters of the last twelve months work, including mine and the gf's place; all aspects of construction in re-inforced concrete, blockwork, steel, timber etc. From design and planning right through to final fix and client handover. Unfortunately I can't help you as my business is based in the French/Swiss alps and my minimum project price is well into six figures. Whatever you do though, make sure you do get a structural engineer involved, even if it is only for the benefit of the paperwork. I have seen too many train wrecks to chance it without adequate insurance. Luckily none of my jobs yet though!
    I would think 20k would cover your wall and I do have a sub contractor based in Sheffield who I bring over three or four times a year if that would be of any use?
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