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Diavel Crankshaft Snapped

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by MCPHEE69, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Plus i get to go full nerd and clean everything before it goes back together... :)
  2. Now that sounds good to me
  3. yip - not a flake of paint off of it....when the zed comes up for valve clearances in 10k's time...itll probably get the same treatment also...
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  4. Anyway...back on point....be interesting to see the route he takes...
  5. Thanks all for the info .will let you know . I will be keeping it so whatever it takes lol
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  6. Not sure where in the world you are but i took mine to ducati john...i took the motor out myself, pre arranged it with him for a saturday morning (im in Bristol) hes....well, fucking well north (3 1/2 hour drive for me) so i got there at 10. Engine was down to the crankcases in 2 hours and i was on my way back with all the main parts for my local cerakoting guy to coat. Sent the lot back up to him, he then re-assembled. Went up to collect the motor. As soon as he started i then started wiring dosh to him each month to spread the cost out, and to be honest the day i collected it i still owed him about 400 but he was happy for me to keep paying after i collected it. Nice guy, very helpful.
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  7. At least he fixes it. :) :upyeah:

  8. Ouch!
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  9. Well that's the old Deevil back together eventually full rebuild with 2nd hand crank every nut and bolt looked at so here,s hoping this crank stays in one piece lol
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  11. You were almost spot on £2800
  12. Same bike similar millage kinda worrying if it’s a ticking time bomb now
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  13. Happy days :)
  14. IMG-20200120-WA0008-1.jpg
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  15. IMG-20200120-WA0003.jpg [ATTAC IMG-20200120-WA0003.jpg H=full]183705[/ATTACH]
  16. She lives at last running like a Swiss watch
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  17. Fantastic news! Hopefully she runs a little louder than the mechanical creations from Helvetica.
  18. good to see you're back on the road. just wondering, did you contact Ducati at all to se if they would consider any sort of good will offer here. I don't think this sort of failure should be acceptable on a bike with FDSH.

  19. Sorry for the late reply , no I didn't bother I do not think it would have made any difference with over 17k on ir
  20. Mmmm, I’m just having my 2012, 35,000 mile, Multistrada engine rebuilt as the horizontal cylinder piston rings are getting to the point of no return. My dealer found a manufacturing issue with the crank assembly so approached Ducati on my behalf and negotiated a replacement crank assembly free of charge as a good will gesture. I appreciate our situations might be different but all is not necessarily lost if the bike is out of warranty. Andy
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