Credit Card Cloning - A Caution

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  1. No. I went in there once, saw the set-up and rode straight out again. This one was I think a BP. On the back way into Winchester if you're coming from Loomies through Morstead..
  2. Ah, okay thanks for that. I'll keep my eyes open. Andy
  3. I only pay in red split lentils.
  4. got taken for £450 around 10 years ago, was definitely a petrol station as like someone mentioned above, the card hardly ever got used. I even remember seeing what looked like a camera device on a previous visit (a real 'doh' moment) but assumed it was security but looking back (npi) it was ideally placed to capture victim's PIN number.
  5. I had a Tesco credit card used for fraud in the States once. I saw the transaction on the account and knew it wasn't me as it was a 0% card that I was using to clear other balances, aka stoozing.
    I called the bank and went through the fraud check. It was a US mail order firm and so they had the delivery address, etc, in the States. Money was refunded and due to a difference in the exchange rate I actually made £10 out of it as well.
    The kicker? Because it was a stoozing account I hadn't activated the card as I never intended to use it. The fraud department were a bit quiet when I asked how this could happen. I never did hear back from them.
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  6. Episode 2 of the million dollar deals series talks about the rise of contactless.

    Its one of the biggest gifts the banking industry gave themselves and its rise is an interesting story.

    Ive lost count of how many petrol stations over thd years have been busted for card fraud and cloning.

    There is no way a bank will de-activate your contactless capability as the loss in transaction revenue would be too great if the request gathered momentum from users. Short of it becoming enshrined in law - and with an ex banker of a prime minister at the helm that wont happen, its here to stay.

    Its a beautiful way to make money redundent and a wonderful way of buying back the public again after the crash with this lovely new toy they've given you, but thats technology for you.

    With petrol stations ive just got in the habit of keeping notes in my wallet Just incase i get the feeling that its a bit dodgy.

    Ive also got in the habit of just taking out ‘Pocket money’ every week as it does make me think twice about whether i really need to buy that coffee if ive got yo break a tenner or a twenty, and on thd rare occasions i get a fifty in my pocket i practically turn into scrooge as mentally i’ll only break it for something worthy and deserving- i wont stick it in the bank as i know itll go down the contactless ether!
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  7. Brilliant!!! Says it all. Thats one the daily mail would have jumped on for sure if youd have called them
  8. For those saying the 'lovely banks' refund the public so quickly. I worked in an american clearing house for 7+ credit cards in birmingham. Every month nearly a quarter of a million quid was stolen from peoples accounts & happily refunded by the company. Because guess who is the insurance backer of banks.... the tax payers through the government.
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  9. My card that got skimmed was an MBNA credit card. When I rang them up to report the fraud and get the card stopped I was sitting in front of my computer looking at my on-line account. The card was stopped and the account frozen, a new card account activated and the fraudulent payments wiped off my balance within the hour more or less as I watched.
    Their fraud dept acted very quickly and there was no quibbling.

    Deactivate your cards yourself. Its easy.
  10. How do you deactivate it Gimlet?
  11. Contactless cards have an antenna in the form of a very fine copper wire that is set into the plastic. If you hold a bright LED torch behind the card (as long as its not a black card) you'll see where the ends of this wire connect to the chip and form a loop around the outer edge of the card. This effectively turns the chip into a transmitter which means the information contained in it can be picked up and read remotely by a suitable scanning device.

    If you break that antenna the contactless function is disabled and the chip can only be read by direct contact with a chip reader in a PIN or ATM machine.

    Simply cut off a corner of the card with a pair of scissors. Make sure its from the end furthest from the chip - the end you hold when inserting it into card readers - so that there will be no feed issues in ATM machines. Cut a small triangle off the corner so you leave an cut edge on the card of about 1 cm long.
    Or you can use an office hole punch. Punch a hole through the card's edge. Get all the hole just inside the card edge to ensure you've caught the wire and cut it.
    Some people simply cut a single snip into the card edge with scissors. But I'm not convinced the two cut ends of the antenna may not come into contact again like this and a single cut may turn into a split that will run across the card.
    Whatever method you choose, make sure you don't damage the black magnetic strip on the back of the card. And Bob's your uncle. The card will no longer work contactless but it can still be inserted into a reader or ATM and used manually with the PIN.
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  12. You can just ask your card provider to send you a new card without the contactless ability. Most will do that
  13. Don’t see why. It’s incredibly useful.
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