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  1. As with just about every England performance in recent years, they have the capability to play a blinder, like today but sadly they more usually play like rank amateurs. Andy
  2. yep like "why the f7ck did you ask for the review bairstow you [email protected]"
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  3. im just chuffed that they got it done with such class and we should get behind them for the final
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  4. I used to feel the same way when watching Final Score and the Scottish 2nd division results came in...........Forfar five, Fife four. o_O
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  5. all i know about forfar is that they make gigantic bridies.
    so, the other team wins by 6 runs?
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  7. I know the Indians have given me more than 6 runs.
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  8. Isa Guha brightens up the highlights programme.
  9. That's East Fife - for your info :D
    And Forfar used to have a Ferrari garage - hence the huge Bridies :upyeah:
  10. Cheats never prosper..... come on Engerland:beer:
  11. I had to look that one up.. I thought you were referring to a highly sexed up person...
  12. Bring on the final!!!!!!
    NZ v England.....c'mon kiwis
  13. Oh behave!
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  14. Black Caps FTW!
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  15. Was really funny here when NZ beat India for the final position, the TV reporters were interviewing kiwi indians to ask their opinion. Of course the whole match was going to be a win win for them!
  16. Since when has Mr Burns been a commentator?
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  17. Gupthill gone..........
  18. Good work by the bowlers and i wouldnt want to face Jofra on a bad day.... game on!
  19. A decent knock by the openers should give the middle order a fighting chance to seal the deal