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D.o.c Cambridge Under New Management For 2024!

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by Sicilian, Jan 1, 2024.

  1. DOC-CAMBS-2024.jpg
    Paul Harbinson and myself, Stefano Difrancesco will be taking over as Branch Organisers for the 2024 season.

    We’ve got some exciting Rideout’s and events planned throughout 2024 and we’re looking forward to meeting all the branch members, new and old.

    If you’re a member and never joined us for any Rideout’s don’t be shy! All are welcome from new riders to advanced riders, single riders or pillions, all are welcome! Bring along your Ducati and come join in the fun!

    We’re planning breakfast meets, coffee meets, various events, long and short rides out, something for everyone.

    2024 will be D.O.C Cambridge’s best season yet! Get your Ducati’s out and come join us!

    All our Rideout’s and events will be posted on our Facebook page ‘Ducati Owners Club GB Official Cambridge Branch’, https://www.facebook.com/groups/227946781442860. For those not on social media drop us an email: [email protected], we also have a WhatsApp group, email us for an invite link.

    Happy new year everyone, we look forward to meeting you all.
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  2. Good Luck!
    Facebook & Whatsapp is where it all falls down for me & I think a few others, hence I joined & didn't renew.
  3. We're open to other suggestions with regards to providing info on events and rides out.
  4. ... perhaps use this website, just a thought?
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  5. If its ok with Admin, I'm happy to post up events that are planned. Only issue would be if anything gets cancelled or rescheduled it could get missed.
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  6. I look forward to seeing your posts!
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  7. That can happen with any platform though.
  8. On Facebook and WhatsApp members would see the notifications.

    I'll be happy to post up events and rides out on the Forum though.
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  9. You can follow threads on here AFAIK which would alert a member? In much the same manner as FB
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