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  1. just a reminder anyone interested,highlights of Dakar start tomorrow on Eurosport.
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  2. I'm interested to see how Jarvis gets on with the Husky. Not first choice for the team, but I hope he goes well.
    Please not another KTM win, from memory, Honda went well last year.

    Race starts tomorrow I think.
  3. Go KTM :):party:

    Their 450 Rally is sexual
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  4. I always watch it . Some of the scenery is breathtaking .
  5. Hi fan boy :joy::joy:
  6. :upyeah:
  7. FB_IMG_1546725090521.jpg
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  8. Photoshopped fake ! That bike hasn’t been within 40 miles of a sand dune since it was cleaned. Andy
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  9. Painted tyre sidewalls I thought :joy:
  10. Sorry I will post some pics from HRC.

    Ffs grow up
  11. upload_2019-1-6_6-46-40.jpeg
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  12. So Jarvis.isnt in the event. I was sure he was.
  13. There’s been some amazing footage on Eurosport. Peru looks fabulous and the locals look really happy.
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  14. The shots of them bombing along the beach in Peru were amazing. Just such fluid movement.
  15. Sam Sunderland promoted to stage 5 winner after stewards gave back the 10 minutes he lost stopping to attend to fallen rider Paulo Goncalves who suffered a head injury and broken hand. To you and me probably a selfless act that could have prevented the loss of life but I wonder what the other competators think as Sam is 2nd, 59 seconds behind Ricky Brabec. Andy
  16. It's in the Rules so I expect they are OK with it.
  17. As long as Honda win it, everyone will be happy. :)

    I think they are going back to Africa next year.
  18. Bloody KTM