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Featured David Jefferies Gsxr

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by cookster, Jan 23, 2021.

  1. What he said
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  2. ive yet to meet any of the family ,but i want to get in contact to see if they want to see the bike again.
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  3. Well. You already know what I think.
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  4. Get in line
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  5. :joy::joy:
    You are late to the party.
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  6. This was at cholmondeley pageant of power
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  7. Yeah but we are gsxr friends .....

    Back off biatch, he’s mine x
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  8. You were about 3 when DJ was rockin it.:joy::eek::tired_face:

  9. Which makes me prime toy boy material
  10. Right on one count.

    ping me when you go over and I will tag along. Only if you are on the bike though- no vans allowed.
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  11. I’m up for a ride out as long as Cook doesn’t live in Outer Mongolia
  12. nope good old gloucestershire :upyeah:

    feel free to come over when bans are lifted ect.
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  13. There you go mate. It’s a man-date. I’m halfway there for the stop off.
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  14. ive got the v5 for dj's bike so i could mot it and ride it on the road.
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  15. Nice one. Worth taking as a second bike to a trackday at Silverstone and booking in a lower group if you’re worried :upyeah:
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  16. Met him in the York bar at the NW200 in 2000 he was at the bar having a pint and stuck out like a sore thumb he was a big unit for a road racer and a gentleman!
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  17. Many friends will help.
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  18. good idea, would be ace at silverstone.
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  19. Shotgun
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  20. +1

    Would love to see it run
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